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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Stoopid Wheel 3 Didn't Work on Initial Build

Came home with a 36H Deep V from the Swap and I needed a 32H (D'OH!) for the lace over from the gold wheel that had some big dings and a flat spot.

Tried a lace over stoopid build with 32H hub and 36H rim.  Needless to say on it's first attempt with the original spoke....

new stoopid wheel didn't work

The 2 spokes to each side of the 2 blank holes in rim need to be about 8mm shorter than the rest

there's 4 other pairs of spokes that need to be about 6mm shorter


I can't decide if I should just wait for a new Deep V 32H or buy some short spokes and build up stupid...prolly a bad idea on a rear wheel that will see nacho momma trail from time to time

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  1. now I'm thinking that I'll pull the rear off my "HUFFY" fixie and use that for the dedicated fixie's got a Salsa Delgado cross rim on it anyway (pro: rim brake compatibility if I was to run flip flop mullet)...then I'll buy the shorter spokes that I need to sure up the stoopid 36/32 Deep V build and put that on the "HUFFY"...stoopid wheel should be fine in the rear for a road bike;-)