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Friday, March 12, 2010

First Night Ride on Fisticuff

Tonight...yes, Thursday night...was a "Mud Holes in the Usual Spots" on the Trail Conditions Continuum.  Surprisingly dry out there.  Trails were lots drier than this morning.  Some spots in the upper field on Morning Choice could even kick up a little dust!

Me and CBC hit the trails from Landing with lights shining and Snoop blinking.  CBC's Maiden voyage on his Vassago Jabberwocky.  Me on the Vassago Fisticuff again.  The fraternal Vassago twins.

Set list = Log>Morning Choice>Lewis and Clark>Cascade>Ridge>Rockburn Branch (down right, up left)>Morning Choice from the 4 way all the way back to Landing

CBC was tearing it up.  Cleaned every hill it seemed.  I was running more of a 3,4,5 ride in the gears tonight trying not to slow CBC down when climbing in front of his SS, and trying to keep up when he was in the lead.  Maybe it's Vassago's Wet Cat Geometry that makes it climb so well????

Feeling the burn from riding off road at dawn and then again after putting the kids to bed.  And feeling the shiner I got on my arm narrowly escaping a head on collision with the tree that jumped out in front of me on Rockburn Branch downhill--you may know the spot where the triple-root-slgihtly-off-camber-soft-right-turn is.   That's going to hurt in the morning!  D' first Fisting injury!

Spoda rain for daze on end, so it may be a while til the next off road fun;-(

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  1. The Jabberwocky is the one that rules of the legions of 26, and of course gears Bill!

  2. Why not legions of the 29?