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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Hike/Bike at Bent Creek Explorer Loop

 Split into 2 groups:  Hikers (BB, Abby, Ally, Lizzy) and Bikers (Owen, Ben, Dave, and bonus jogger Jen).

Did the Explorer Loop.  Bikers cleaned the whole loop;-)  Hikers took considerably longer and had meet-ups along the way with a post-ride Dave and a finish-up with jogger Jen.

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Twas nice to hike so I could stop a smell the flowers and take some wildlife shots.

Fungus Among Us (pancakes, shelves, coral, purple 'shroom,and stuff)

Two Types of Fern


Lycodium (common name Ground Pine)




Rhododendron Tunnel




CX Bikes at Bent Creek

Me and Dave hit Bent Creek on CX bikes. 

Dave on his Santa Cruz
Stigmata.  Me on the Fisticuff.  Fast and fun. Dave lost his Garmin
in the first 50 yards so we had to turn back and find it. After that
all was good. Major logging going on at top of 5 points (fun to watch
the heavy machinery for a few). Dave was faster up the fireroads with
his 52/36 front and 11/28 rear (I could roll 32X32 as my easiest). I
was faster down the hills with 45c front tire to soak up some hits.


Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Splasheville, Dinner, Hula Hoop, etc. - FREAKS!


Kids had a ball hopping around and getting squirted up the wazoo!  Street performers were awesome too.

Afterward we walked to dinner at the lab and got a great taste of Asheville.  Freaks abound!  Hula hoop hippies in the town square were joined by our kids.  Then we saw a guy on a tall bike in a nun's habit riding the streets and blessing all.

Dupont State Forest Ride

NC Dave, Muni Ben, Jen, and I hit the trail head around 9AM.  Dave and I rode single speeds and Jen and Ben on geared hardtails. Dupont State Forest has well managed trails and isn't the typical Pisgah fireroad climb kinda ride. Climbs are long enough to put a hurtin' on you but short enough to attain on single speeds.  Delicious trails include North Carolina's Slick Rock.  Even an abandoned mountain top air field.

After the ride we met up with the families and took a cool dip in the rapids by a horse ford at Hooker Falls.