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Monday, August 30, 2010

I tried to overdose on these...


...and it didn't work!

12th Anniversary Ride

Jen and I celebrated 12 years of wedded bliss by getting a babysitter
and going for a ride!
Both of us on rigid SS's, baby!

belmont>RBB right>ridge>lollilop VV alternate/ridge>VV.swimming
prohibited>vineyard>ccbc>chacoal>santee>drugs>sw bridge>ridge>rbb

I got a flat on Drugs;-(

First Day of School

Abby's first day of Kindergarten.  Man, is she excited.
Ben goes to grade 3 and Elisabeth is at the top of the totem pole in grade 5.

Camping at Cape Henlopen

Perfect weather.  Sand everywhere!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Why Would I Want This?


I use email because the last thing I want to do is talk on the phone.
Thanks but no thanks, Google!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Monday Hooky Ride Videos

Approaching the Triple Logs on the Santee Nun's Run downhill;-)

Watch on Posterous


V4LL3Y V13W Trail (H1K3R'S only)



Playing Hooky with PA Sean

Took a half day off work on Monday to ride with Sean from PA at
Avalon. Conditions were better than perfect. Low humidity, gentle
breeze, sunny, fast hardpack.

I'm loving my new FREE saddle from Performance. Not having a seat
that jabs my a$$ with plastic sticking out was a real treat for me.
Tried a bunch of climbs on the seat that normally I'd ride outta the
saddle. Good fun.

Belmont>RBB (right)>Ridge>Valley View alternate>Left on Ridge>Valley
View>Swimming Prohibited>Vineyard>Santee Nun's Run>Swinging Bridge>New
Cascade to waterfall>Cascade>L&C>MC>Old Track>Log>Renegade>Nacho


Sean's got a bra on his bike in the roof rack.  It takes a real man to drive a mini van and wear a bike bra;-)

Monday, August 23, 2010

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Clever Wooter


Hey, I have a idea!
I'm going to make a new profile and make my login name youare.
Then I'm going to stay up til midnight every night and try as hard as I can to be the first buyer every day.
Then when I finally am the first, it'll read "FIRST SUCKER:  youare " in the Woot stats.  Hahaha, get it???
It's so creative that some douche bag'll prolly take a screen shot of it and post it in his stupid blog.
I'm such a genius!!!  Mwu-hahahaha....

Last Sunday's Northeast Triathlon

Jen got 5th in her age group!
Kids enjoyed the play ground.  The teeter-totter was the big attraction.
Dessert at Uncle Ralph's on the way home.

BaySox Game

Perfect ending to perfect day. Awesome game and awesome fireworks
afterward. Cotton candy = MMMMM!
$1 carousel rides are also fun

Family Ride at Rockburn

Took advantage of a day of work (no electricity so I was sent home;-)
and took the whole family mountain biking while Jenniflower did trail
running along side.

New PERFORMANCE store in Columbia

PERFORMANCE that's the name of the game; I pump up my tires and I oil my chain.

Arrived at 8:30 to be about 18th in line. JF was about 6th in line
and JK scored #30 or so TA around #50. Douche bag in front of me kept
sayin that he was saving a spot for his cousin. I was giving him a
hard time, loudly reporting, "Sure it's fine with me as long as it's
OK WITH EVERYBODY IN LINE BEHIND ME!!!" Cousin never showed up

Scored $20 for first 100 line + $15 for 3 old inner tube recycling.
Ordered a RED phone Terry Damselfly orig $135 230g saddle for EJ.
After coupons(props for the $10 EXTRA, JK), match online sale price,
and 15% off it came to $9;-)


While at the checkout counter my boss called me and told me to take
the day off because the power's out at work. SEG!

After calling Jen from the parking lot to tell her the good news I
figured I'd go back in and see if the prize wheel line had shortened.
I gave it a spin and won the BIG PRIZE!!!!!! Came home with a free
295 lumen 3.8v LiOn Cygolite for Jenniflower!


I also stuffed the $1300 GT MTB giveaway drawing box with a herd of 6
Blandford entries (fingers crossed)!
Could this day get any better?

Friday Solo Hour Door to Door Ride


Fast HoCo full loop, counterclockwise style. With a few diversions
from the normal ridge way. iPod blaring! Trails recovered quickly
from the heavy Wednesday rains.

Saturday the 14th Solo ZMC Ride


Ride started mellow and casual, by the end of the ride it was zippy.
Favorite Blue's Traveler ballad, "Mountains Win Again," made for the
fastest Nacho repeat I think ever pulled off.  Bunny hopped every log
and skidded around every turn.  Woo hoo!


To all my loyal fans who have missed my meaningless prattle since I last posted;-)

Monday, August 9, 2010

SOLD: Single Speed Disc Rear Wheel 26" - $65

****If this item is still on Craigslist then it's still available. Please save us both the time and don't email me asking if it's still available. I live in Elkridge off of Rte 1 and am available weekends and most weekday evenings after 5:30. So start off by emailing me and suggesting when you'd like to come by and see it. Thank you!

CASH ONLY, FACE TO FACE. I'm not interested in taking an extra $20 to hold in your favour so your handler can pick up after I cash your fake money order.

I've made the switch to 650b so this never-ridden SS rear wheel is up for grabs.

Nashbar Single Speed 6 bolt Disc Hub (used for one season) like this one . "Use inexpensive BMX cogs for your single speed mountain bike. Our single speed disc hub features an adjustable chainline, 135mm rear spacing, and replaceable cartridge bearings. ISO 6 bolt rotor mounting. Compatible with Shimano DX Cogs. Includes spacers, axle nuts, and lockring. 36 Hole."

36 hole 14 gauge 3 cross spokes, handbuilt by me.

Brand new Velocity rim.

4000 Miles!


today's ride ticked me over 4k on the commuter computer:-)