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Friday, September 17, 2010

Jens CX Bike Loses Another 1.4 lb

Net loss since purchased = 3 lb even.

Took off 1.4 lb yesterday by switching to 1X9 and changing cassette and rear derailleur from MTB to road parts.

  • MTB cassette 365g---> Road cassette227.2g

  •  Tiagra brifter cable and housing 279.5g---> Tekro brake lever 140g.

  •  Deore R der 311.7g---> 105 R der 231.7g

  •   F Der 138.8g---> Paul keeper 58.9g

  •  Big Ring, Granny gear, steel inner bolts, and steel double chainring bolts 185g---> alloy SS chainring bolts 7g

  • 4 chain links removed ---> -20.8g

  •  net loss 643g = 1.416 lb

Here's what I removed


Here's what I put back on


Man, was that Paul Chain Keeper a pain in the @$$ to set up!!!!

Finished product = 19.5 lb

Now I have to get rid of the HORRIBLE BRAKE SHUDDER up front!

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