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Friday, September 10, 2010

Solo Wednesday Dawn Ride



Still digging my TRUE BLOOD "Pure V" saddle. I want to get a
"Weirwolf" tire in the rear and a Vredestein "Panther" tire in the
front. Then I could have the "Surly Stackhouse 1X1". If you don't
get it, you really need to watch HBO's "True Blood".  CAN'T WAIT FOR SEASON FINALE ON 9/12!!!



70 minutes door to door. Quick get and keep moving ride. Trails
still are fast and need rain. First DP of the season that I've
started with lights. Magic Shine battery has lost it's magic.
It only shone for 40 minutes (30 more than I needed though).
I've only had it for 8 months and that sucks. Maybe my Hardware-Hank gorilla glue rubber mount made the battery die prematurely.  Or maybe it's just about what is to be expected from a Made-In-China $90 900 lumen light's battery.  New ones on GeoManGear look totally different so maybe they are better.  That's gonna set me back $50.


Chasing a young buck down Valley Valley alternate was the best part.

Belmont Woods>Farm Field>Log>Old Track>Morning Choice>Connector>Valley
View Alternate>RIdge>Connector>Morning Choice>4 way right turn>RBB
right to Figure 8 all the way down left then up the roots and back up
to 4 way and then back down the quick middle trail>Belmont Woods


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