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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Family Ride at Rockburn Park

Beautiful Indian summer weather and a Nys family sighting on the hayride;-)

Drove the kids up to Rockburn park.  The park's got haunted hayrides leaving from the parking lot downhill from the playground but we had no money;-(
Jen was scheduled to meet up with us via MTB as she was biking with the gurlz and rode over to Rockburn.  She broke her chain and rear derailleur and bent up her derailleur hanger pretty good when she got into Rockburn.

Ben and I went for a ride around Rockburn together.  He was cleaning everything and shifting smartly....that's my boy!!  Ben and I got back close to the car and ran into JoJo and the girls.  Jen was assisting JoJo on the trail with his 12" Trek sans training wheels.  Hopefully in a couple more sessions he'll be more independent.  Abby, Ben, and Elisabeth rode the log jam (with just a little assistance from mom or dad).

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