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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Solo Phone Phind Ride on the Way Home From Rockburn Park


Parted with Jen and the kids at Rockburn park for a solo ride on the Surly 1X1.  Conditions were dry and fast with a little leaf cover here and there.  Rockburn>Landing>Log>MC>Old Track>MC>Connector>Ridge ALternate>Ridge>Connector>MC>right at 4 way>RBB down right>RBB up left>RBB down middle>Belmont Woods>home

The second time I passed thru the 4 way I heard a phone ringing..not mine.  I dismounted and followed the sound into the brush and saw the phone in the leaves.  The super lucky phone owner was at his car at the park and ride and had just noticed that he couldn't locate his phone.  15 minutes late the owner and his super nice HTC smart phone were reunited at Montgomery and Elibank;-)  Twas lucky for him that the Blandfords decided not to go to DCCX on Sunday;-)

Also noticed this new sign on Belmont Woods trail where it crosses private land on the way to Rockburn Branch.

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