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Monday, January 31, 2011

New 26ie Frame From Surly: the Troll


It's like a 1X1 but it's a <whatever>X<whatever>.  Note that the new 1X1 gets a top-tube makeover like the Troll's too.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Interesting Advertisement


Please come rut up our trails while the spring mud is at it's worst.  Brought to you by your all-mountain loving "bike magazine", haters of all things SS and 29er.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Go Upgrade Yourself CatFourF'ers

[vimeo w=400&h=225]

MABRAcross Public Service Announcement from In The Crosshairs on Vimeo.

100% Columbian: Rouse's Route

With park trail conditions too deep for MTB this seemed like a good idea last night and turned out to be a great idea this morning.

Met at Josie and wheels rolled at 7 for a roadish-trailish ride.  XX, JS, TM on fixie mtb; JN on SS mtb; TP on geared pig MTB;  CH and me on CX bikes.  Rolled through Glenmar, enter GF, and somewhere FH joined us too, both on geared MTB.


Rode into the Columbia paved hike/bike trails across from Howard High school.  They had been plowed by Bobcats but had about a 1/2" thick foot pounded ice crust.  Sketchy but fun.  Lots of black ice patches and spills.  Hit Starbucks at Dobbin and 175 for a warm up.  Then rolled out over US29 to Lake Kittamaqundi and played around on steps and steeps.  Then we rolled back from whence we came.


Good timez.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

First Tracks -- Hopefully Not the Last Tracks for a While

Woke at 5 and was surprised to see that no one else had interest after
looking outside. Hit the snooze alarm repeatedly til 6 and left the
house at 6:30 in about 3 inches of perfect snowball/snowman snow.
Snow was still coming down steady. At the Belmont Woods trailhead I
lowered the tire pressure to low 20's and went toward Rockburn Branch
with Highway to Hell blaring on iPod. Traction was good and little
rises were an effort. Up Rockburn Branch and left at 4 way to descend
the middle Rockburn Branch. Pedal stuck on the big log at the top and
left a big snow angel in the freshness. Started to turn right and go
up the other fresh Rockburn Branch, but I noticed a light out of the
corner of my eye coming up from Belmont. Enter PJP on his 32X16 Surly
1X1 650-sixer (that was a hard gear to push through the driven snow).
Back up the Rockburn right again. Ridge past the bar and lollipopped
the Valley View Alternate back to Connector. At this point the snow
changed to freezing rain. Morning Choice to Log and exit PJP at
Landing. I hit Renegade and Nacho and stole freshies on most of the
Belmont Woods trails before heading home.

Only had to walk three times. First riser on Ridge for about 10 feet.
Morning Choice valley bottom after bombing in from Belmont field.
Again at the top of this Morning Choice climb by the Old Connector

Outlook is not good for riding in the near future unless we continue
to get nice thick wet snow that later freezes into a crust thick
enough to ride upon without breaking thru. Fingers crossed;-)

Heading out



Friday, January 21, 2011

Carrot top



7 days after last treatment


12 days since first. active, eating pellets again, and seems to be healing

Full Moon Friday Fixed Freshies

Nearly let the pillow suck me back in this morning, but after waking Jen to see if she wanted to ride, and peeking outside at the 1/2 inch of snow, I brewed the coffee and suited up.


John, YDT, and I made up the crew.  A clockwise loop with Nachos for dessert.  Saw a dude come in a Grovemont on a geared Pugsley sans lights.  Coulda, shoulda, woulda rode sans lights myself as the full moon and snow cover cast enough light to see the trails.

Conditions were SLOOOOOWWW.  At times (to quote John) it seemed like riding in sand.  This snow cover was not the kind that you wanted to drop 5 or 10 psi for.  Traction was good but rolling resistance was high.  We made a few stops to get a few photos.  THX to YDT and John for playing photographer.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Now Abby gets the joke



MLK Day 6AM Crew

YDT, Ebae, Trevor, Seibold, W, Fabs, Me.  Met at 6 and rolled at 6:02.  Log>Morning Choice>Cascade>Ridge (with Trevor or I setting the fixie pace most of the way...W made a cameo fixie appearance too)>Rockburn v^v>Belmont Woods>Nacho>Renegade (non stop flight from the Ridge Bar to Landing Road, except for a brief pause to wish a "top of the mornin" to 7AM crew on Nacho: Nagy, Alaine, McNeely)>exit all but me, Jon, and Ebae who went back in for a quick Morning Choice/Old Track counter clockwise lollipop.  Traction was good, stopping time minimal, and avg speed higher than normal.

Frozen Falls Hike on Cascade Trail

Elisabeth was home sick;-(
The rest of us hiked the slippery Cascade trail;-)

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Not a Bad Idea


Huge Group Sat Dawn


-Trails I never rode before between top of Soapstone at Rolling Road and Bull Run.
-Freshies on Vineyard Hiking Only alternate downhill
-Fixie foursome for the last couple miles on the way out.
-Wearing two tires Mad Max Style

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Thursday Snow Patrol


Twenty one degrees on the back porch at 5:30 this morning.  Took the road to Landing meetup on the fixie 96ie of course.  XX, W, and JS had just arrived.  We rolled at 6:01 toward Nacho.  Seibold crashed on the berm root ball log at the Renegade entrance.  It was perfect timing because it allowed us to see Krash coming in off Landing 2 minutes late.

Renegade>Nacho>Belmont Woods (ice breaker thru creek)>Rockburn up the right>Ridge>FRESHIES on Valley View alternate>Ridge>Cascade (exit W, XX, and Krash at Grovemont)>Lights out...Lewis and Clark>Old Track counter clockwise>Log

Jon realized he had lost his keys upon return to trailhead.  Luckily they were sitting in the snow a few hundred yards from the car where he had yard saled earlier on the log;-)  Then on my way out I fell hard in the creek crossing after Farm Field.  The ice looked like a skim coat but it was thick and slick.  Front tire went sideways and left foot went thru the ice (thank goodness for booties).  Tried to use the keplunk as a dab and ride out but I feel to the right, smacked right elbow and hip on the ice and didn't break thru thankfully.  Yeouch...that's gonna leave a mark;-)

Conditions were good.  Dry packed tire tracks with pretty good traction.  My rear tire is pretty bald and I could have afforded to go about 4psi lower so I spun out on the steeper bits on Ridge.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Dragon cake



Dexter Eggs for breakfast

Watch on Posterous


Toosday Night Freshies


I left HoCo freshies for everyone else at either end of Morning Choice, Lewis and Clark, Cascade, Valley View, and most of Ridge.  I stayed in the Belmont vicinity. 
Rode solo with iPod to start out but met Drew mid-ride and rode together for a while.  It was slippery out there particularly in the farm field ruts.  The initial freezing rain made for a slick undercoat to the rising powder.  Heavy snow at onset tapered to flurries by the end...helmet visor is key for keeping snow out of eyes.

Belmont>Farm Field>Log>Old Track CCW>Morning Choice (I noticed new fresh tracks and followed them...caught up to rider named Drew at the top of the hill just before the field on the way to Connector...henceforth, we rode together)>Connector>Ridge>

Rockburn Branch v^v (by this time the slippery undercoat had frozen up and trails were starting to give squeaky traction under rolling tires)>Belmont>Nacho>Renegade>a little loop in Rockburn (exit Drew)>Farm Field>final mini-loop to get the freshies on all Belmont Woods trails

Spectacular ride.  New gloves were toasty...almost too warm, they handled high 20s well.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

My new printer is bigger than yours



New Gloves


CX gloves arrived today.  Not cyclocross, CX, you skinsuit sissies!  Cross c#nt-tree skiing gloves, beeeeotch!!!
Supposed to be good down to single digits an below.  Maybe gonna try em tonite.  Still not sure why REI took 11 daze to ship tho.

2 treatments now



The Tudors - I'm the King of England


Sunday, January 9, 2011

Morning After Ride

It was hard getting up at 7:15 the morning after the big AFC party but
it was definitely worth it. Met up with W, YDT, Ebae, and Krash at
Belmont Woods Road. Rockbrun Branch up right>VV>Swimming
Prohibitted>Exit Krash on Gristmill>Vineyard>Santee Nun's (cleaned the

Watch on Posterous

triple on camera today and then got squirrelly and crashed right in
front of Ebae on the rocky downhill's nice to have the
winter gear to help cushion the blow of a fall)>exit W and YDT at Gristmill>me and Ebae finished up with Cascade


(frozen falls..Ebae cleaned the giant roots by the rock face)>Lewis and Clark>Old Track>Morning Choice (toward Connector)>Morning Choice (to 4 way)>Rockburn Branch v^v (Baler sighting on Fargo). Lots of ice breaking in creek crossings going on.


Riding Avalon With Team C3

Flatted on the corner of Hunt Club and Bauman on the way to meet XX
and W.  Turned out they were running late too as they were meeting up
with a bunch of C3 "pros".  Perfect timing meetup at Landing.  I was
really loving having the fixed gear wheel back on and a buttery smooth
Truvativ Ruction crank and Howitzer BB (1200 grams of pure bashable
Along for the ride with W and XX were some of MABRA's fastest
Cyclocrossers from Elites, U19, and Masters A; WS, SO, RH, RM, JM.  I
was happy to take the lead dog slot on Renegade Nacho and was in the
"I have a big audience" zone all the way thru.  Caught a little snow
freshie on the downed-tree-berm feature on Nacho.
Rockburn Branch>Ridge>Valley View (we lost one rider who rode Lawyer's
Hill out with a busted rear shock)>Swimming Prohibited>Vineyard (C3
guys smoked me and W up this one)>Exit me and W on Santee Nun's (Mike
bore witness to me cleaning the triple log on the fixie)>Cascade (exit
W at Grovemont)>Lewis and Clark>Morning Choice>Farm Field>Belmont

The Best Part of Today's Ravens Game...Piggy - GEICO Commercial

Wednesday, January 5, 2011