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Monday, February 28, 2011

1.74 lb? What's in that saddlebag, rocks?


Just the essentials for a double flat and a broken chain.

Note to self: 

Dear Self,

Put an extra link of chain in the saddle bag.  


Love, Me

Spartacus: Gods of the Arena is Over:-(

...but more to come next year!

"Words fall from my mouth like s–t from a–"

Lucretia Lives in Season 2 -

Season 2 to Air January 2012 (Gannicus to return) -

The new Spartacus (he even looks like the first one) -  

Seen in Siesta Key Sarasota, FL

Coworker sent me these pix.  Schweet ride!


New $10 Amazon Digital Hanging Scale

Works pretty good.
Commuter weighed in at 25.93 lb with saddle bag.
Removed saddle bag and it weighs 1.74 lb.
Weighed the bike again and came up with 24.23 lb.
That only leaves 0.04 lb unaccounted for. 

February Goes Out Like a Lamb


Beautiful morning for a bike commute!  That's only 2 commutes for 2011...averaging 1/month now;-)
Thunderstorms in the afternoon forecast.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Saturday, February 26, 2011

EnJay's EwNay IkeBay

Pretty sweet bike.

Unboxing porn.

Complete.  The only nit is that both brakes need bled;-(  Grrrr, why couldn't it'd come with mechanicals?

Light and tight.  The dog is so happy that he can't resist licking himself;-)

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Gary Fisher Sighting



Half Order of Nachoes with Snow


Oversnoozed this morning and got a late start.  Texted the fellas that I'd meet them on Nacho.  Rolled out at 6 on slushy road.  Met Wild JN, CBC, and Snoop half way up Nacho.  XX had flatted out in Rockburn;-(

Turned back toward Belmont Woods road and saw a light on Belmont trail.  Intercepted KR at Nacho trail head.  Bullshat for a few minutes and split up to take the road out.

To much of a slog to keep it up on anything but downhills and flats;-(  No regrets though;-)

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Evil Twin Ride

My evil twin, Bill Blindfold, gave the trails a good f1st1ng on his Fisticuff today.

Trails are 60% recovered but the other 40% is pretty muddy  (20% is super muddy).

Ran into lots of other evil twins that we all know and love at the swinging bridge.  You know who you aren't.

Skip the next bit and go straight for the pix if you want the "'Nuff said" trail report.

Belmont Woods (muddy...but always is)>RBB ^V^ (not bad)>Ridge>VV (not bad)>Swimming Prohibitted (muddy as usual)>Soapstone Cardiac Single Track (dry)>Vineyard Hiking Only Alternate (dry)>Vineyard back up (dry except for the power line and higher)>Foxhill Farm to Santee Nuns (the muddiest slog of the day)>Santee Nuns (not too bad...a few holes here and there)>Swinging Bridge (dry)>Ridge (muddy mess)>RBB>Belmont (felt muddier than it did on the way in)

Somehow, the "Blandford AFC" sticker was the only part of the bike that didn't get covered in mud.


Thursday, February 17, 2011



Sugar Hill Sweep for Downed Trees

Download this file

I took the geared pig out and rode the whole Sugar Hill course to mark where trees were down in need of saw/loppers.  Ran into Paul on Old Track.  Had to double back around L&C/MC and Cascade/Cascade Alternate to be sure that I rode every bit of the Beginner and Expert Loops.  Conditions were awesome except for 50% of Cascade and 50% of Ridge.  These sections were dangerously icy even when hiking.  At 2 spots on Ridge I had to let my bike slide alone and scoot down after it on my rear end because walking was too sketchy.  Cascade Alternate was schweet!!!
Marked 16 trees down in need of attention before race.  Mission accomplished.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Ice Age Rides (before the thaw)

I stole two dawn rides in before the thaw this Friday and Saturday.  It's 43 degrees as I type and highs in the 50s for the 5 day forecast;-(  Trails are gonna get muddy.


Rolled out at 5:45 to 12F and meet JN at Landing.  No wind so it didn't really feel all that cold.


Took Morning Choice instead of the usual Log Trail.  Walked the bike over stepping stones and dipped my tooties in the creek crossing twice each, but the booties kept most of the water out.  Lewis and Clark>Cascade>Ridge>Valley View Alternate (backwards--big tree down near the steep part)>Ridge>Rockburn Branch down the right-up the left-down the middle.

Conditions were awesome everywhere except Cascade and Ridge (from Cascade to the Ridge Bar you would've been OK with studded tires but me and JN weren't studly so lots of slipping and walking thru here).  Everywhere else was icy/crusty but ridable.  Lots of trees down and twiggy branchy barky sticky debris everywhere so it's really fun bushwhacking around saplings and under branches and over logs to try to get by to the trail clean.  The icy sections are sketchy but all you need to do is loosen your grip, steer with your hips, and pedal smooth so as not to slip.  Fixed gear is a big help for when the back tire spins out cuz the bike wan't to keep moving so it pedals itself and helps you recover.



Hit the trails at 7 today sans lights, 22F when I rolled out.  Ran into PP out there and had the same conditions as Friday.  PP had studded tires so he was able to climb more slip-out sections and go down icy chutes faster than I could.  But he was also spinning a harder gear than me, so on the crusty stuff I floated easier.  These differences helped balance us out.

We avoided the Cascade and Ridge Ice Floes (even though PP coulda rode em with his studs--I couldn't've).  Renegade>Nacho>Belmont Woods>Rockburn Branch ^v^>Ridge>Connector>MC>Lewis and Clark>MC>Old Track>Log>Farm Field>Big Trees in the way in Belmont Woods.


Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Ice/Crust/Dirt Dawn

XX text message was my alarm this morning.  Got out the door at 6:45 and 15F.  Belmont Woods to Rockburn Branch>Ridge>Connector>MC>Log>Landing>Road home
Nice hour jaunt.  Conditions mostly 1 inch hiker packed ice with occasional dirt and ice rinks.  Less trodden trails were crusty frozen snow pocked with boot prints.  Lots of downed branches and tree carnage out there.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

I'm so two thousand and late.


boom boom boom

Fambly Neighborhood Ride


Jen ran and the rest of us pedaled every culdesac in the hood.

Sugar Hill Race Registration Opens Tonight During Half-time


Registration opens at 8PM at

I'm really happy with how the course maps turned out.  I was able to splice portions from many different gpx file rides into one track using Route Converter freeware.

Beginner (5.75 miles)


Sport (15.8mi) / Expert - SS (23.1mi)


Friday Dawn Krusty

22 degrees when I rolled out at 5:47.  Belmont Woods was slow going.  Not enough foot traffic to have mashed a good line so riding was a slow exercise in krust krushing.  At least 4 big trees down over the path (1 of them right on top of the little wooden bridge).  Got lost in the woods, found the trial, made it to the farm field.  Farm field was ridable because of snowmoible tracks.  Met Nagy at the top of the field at 6:08 and we decided to exit on Landing and call it a wash.

Better than not riding at all, but not much.


Saturday, February 5, 2011