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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Homemade Aquarium Background


Not to shabby for a photoshopped internet pic.

Psychopath Snares a Squirrel on Fence


Neighbors will be pissed when he snares their cat.
Film at 11.

This Week's Ridez

Monday Offroad Dawn with YDT

KR and XX started earlier, but joined YDT and I for some Nachos and looped back to Landing through the Farm Field.  YDT and I continued on for a typical counterclockwise loop.  Both on rigid SS.  My third ride on the new Paul/Blunt Fixie rear wheel.

Monday Commute

To and fro.

Wed Double Sided Dawn Patrol

Got to Landing at 5:45 so we could go long.  Fabs, CBC, XX, JS, Me.  Just me and Fabs were geared.  I brought out the Groundhog 69er for the first time in a while.  Pace was very quick.  Nacho>Rockburn Branch ^v^>Ridge>Fabs peeled off at top of Valley View.  CBC flatted on the way down VV and then there were 3.
XX and JS's our solid rhythm = hammer fest to me. 
Swimming Prohibited>Vineyard>CCBC>Exit me at Pigs while XX and JS continued on New Santee trail.
Pigs Run woulda been easier with an audience, unfortunately.  Dabbed the top section for the 3rd time in a row---getting old I guess.  I'm chalking it up to a variety of excuses, a) no sausage fest onlookers to boost testosterone level, b) tires a bit too high on pressure (wanted to be sure of no flats today cuz I already had my 3 recently), c) conditions dangerously dusty, d) seat 0.375" too high, e) started in too slow and not sitting all the way on the rear tire, f) I hadn't ridden the Groundhog 69er in about a year and wasn't dialed in on her yet.
Proceeded to bonk knee into stem and get bitten on arm by a sparrow sized horse fly near the Forest Glen tunnel..double ouch.  Then took the fastest way home and Ridged it to Rockburn Branch so Jen could get her road on.  Avg speed = 9.0 for me which is fast for a HoCo-only loop and fast++ for a Double Ended DP.


PS This bike is the Groundhog because my brother in law hit a groundhog on it doing about 25mph years back.  Only the frame remains from those days.  I wonder actually if it's a Groundhog or a Woodchuck?


True Blood Spoiler Season 4 Episode 2


You Smell Like Dinner

  • Jason:  Timbo, it's not that I don't appreciate all the lickin' cause I do, but I'm more of a bandaid kinda guy

  • Hoyt gets mobbed

  • Pam: Technology is taking all the fun out of being a vampire

  • Sam and Luna almost horsed around

  • Bill and Katerina dress really fast while Sookie gets past the King's guards

  • London Calling for Bill to have a pint of the bartender and is recruited by Nan in1982

  • Vampire, Louis Pasteur, invents True Blood

  • Crystal the V hostage briefly emerges while Andy confiscates a fix from Uncle Luther

  • Sam's new puppy love pays a visit to Merlotte's

  • Tommy:  Who's your friend?  Shure smells pretty

  • Arlene's demon baby causes eye hemorrhage

  • Tara's back in Bon Temps (and looks like scary fairy for half a second there)

  • Bill sicks Erik on the new necromancers in town

  • Bill's queen killing coronation backstory

  • Jessica goes to Shreveport for a little strange

  • Luna is a skinwalker...and Tommy wasn't invited to the shifter marshmallow roast

  • Erik crashes the coven

  • Sookie busts Jessica fangbanging

  • Sam and Tommy fly to a naked reunion

  • Marney the witch speaks some Latin and Erik's fangs go limp

  • Felton and Crystal pantherize Jason to get at his sperm

  • Eric has amnesia but can still recognize that smell


Wednesday, June 29, 2011

True Blood Spoiler Season 4 Episode 1


She's Not There

  • Don't eat the light fruit

  • Scary fairies

  • Bye, Grandaddy Earl

  • Officer Stackhouse

  • Away on vampire business

  • Mohawk Lafayette and Eddie witching around

  • Baby Rene pulling heads off dolls

  • Terry:  When I was a boy I used to put squirrel heads on lizard bodies and invent new animals

  • Tara goes from least favorite character to favorite character in 2 seconds

  • Erik and Bill politicking

  • Hoyt's likes eggs before a night at the club

  • Andy strung out on V

  • Jason:  Hey look, I'm not saying anything happened just now, but if something did happen, it didn't happen

  • Portia Bellafleur, Esquire

  • Tommy's with Ma Hoytenberry?!?!?! WTF

  • Pam:  Toilets are for humans only, do I need to explain why

  • Sam's invited to dinner at the Shifters'

  • Jason in Hotshot freezer:-0

  • Parrot resurrection

  • Bill, your majesty?

  • Erik bought Sookie's house

  • Eric:  Sookie, you (pause) are (pause) MINE (fangs)!!!!

Monday, June 27, 2011

True Blood is Back

I'm gonna pee my pants!!!!!!!


Best Cycling Shorts Ever

Who's got two thumbs and loves cycling?

This girl!



Family Rockburn Ride

Jen ran from home with Elisabeth and Ben on MTBs and they went thru
Belmont.  I parked the minivan at Landing road with Abby and Joe to
meet up with the rest of the crue at the top of the Farm Field.  Rode
through Rockburn park counterclockwise.  Stopped before the new trail
to grub on some raspberries....yummmmmm!


Nys boyz sighting at the concession stand.  Nys gurl entered at
Landing whilst I was packing the bikes on the van and joined Jen for a
piece on her return run thru Belmont woods. Great day for a run/ride
all around.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Schweddy Friday Quickie

Met up with W and Carl at 5:58 at Landing.  YDT rolled in at 6:01 and we got rolling after he added some air.  W proceeded to crash on the skinny 10 seconds into the ride.  Bonked his booboo shoulder too.  This was supposed to be the 2 Mikes ride:  West, and Wazowski.  Unfortunately, only Mike Wazowski continued on.  Heal fast, W!


Quick hour loop of Log>Old Track>Connector>ridge>Rockburn Branch v^v>Nacho>Renegade
Carl split off at Belmont woods to stay on schedule and missed my ass over tea kettle wreck on the sawed stump bridge on Renegade.  Mike Wazowski took a face plant and I did what felt like a dolphin dive (remember breakdancing?) with bike landing on my back and didn't even come unclipped.  Got a wee shiner on the right knee too.


It was really Schweddy out there, NPR fans;-)

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Two Fixes Before Work




We had 4 on the Dirt. XX, CBC, JMc, and me. My first ride on the new
Paul fixie disc 650 wheel. I flatted up front 1 minute into the ride
on log and told them to go. I looped Old Track and then hit
MC>Connector>Ridge and texted XX for a 10:20. Then I rode toward them
on Ridge and met up with JMc at the creek crossing by the big downed
log on Ridge. CBC had flatted too. JMc and I headed up the hill to
wait for the guys who arrived promptly. RBB v^v>Nacho>Rengade.



Continued my 2 week streak for commuting to work by bike. Light rain
at the start.

Gardening out Front

Jen ripped dozens of tuber flowers gone wild out of the front walk
garden. I wonder if we could slice their tuber roots thin and throw
them in the FryDaddy?


I planted 2 apple trees and then attacked the old sugar maple stump
with a chainsaw and digging bar. Then I build a retaining wall around
it and made a flower garden.



Sunday Fambly Ride


Hit the Gristmill trail with Jogging Jen and the rest of the family on 9 wheels.
Elisabeth and Benson rode their new road bikes. KR met us at
Ilchester and we rode back to the van with Avy joining us;-)

Sun Dawn Ride on NEW Santee Trail


Me and W made a bee line for BaltCo side.

Up Vineyard>FoxHillFarm>up the PowerLine>Encountered a little skills
park behind the Hilton Maintenance Shed.

Then we hit the new Santee Branch alternate that we passed by on
Saturday's ride. Rode it both ways. From Hilton Campground access
road to the Charcoal trail head and back up. It's fun both ways with
some nice little manmade rockgardens.

Then we hit Pigs Run and Forest Glen--always a SEG after that run.

7 Cogs and 5 Lockrings for $56.50 Shipped


WOW!  This is a good deal.  If only they were 3/32" instead of 1/8"

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Coolest Thing About the Sturmey Archer: S3X Hub

3 speeds fixed? No
Cost? No
Colors? No
Barend shifter? No
S3X looks like SEX when you type it? BINGO!!!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Space your face


Sultry Saturday Dawn Off Road


Big group met at 6 at the usual spot. XX, JK, JMc, TM, W, Timmy,
Kidd, Sean, Nagy, and me. Mix of rigids, hardtails, and squishies
with various tire sizes and gearings. I rode the Sworks again.

Hazy humid conditions with a nice little breeze here and there.
Trails were mostly grippy but roots and rocks were slippy. Valley
View downhill was a blast with 12 year old skidding and
panic-foot-down-clipouts at speed. Noticed a new Santee reroute right
near the Charcoal intersection. I'll have to take that one next time.
I hope it doesn't mean they're thinking of closing the skunk cabbage
rock garden...if they even try I think there's enough of us around who
would keep reopening it.

Twas nice to go long. Nearly 20 miles in before breakfast;-)

Sturmey-Archer S3X 3-speed Fixie Hub

Check this out.


Friday, June 10, 2011

We Don't Need No Steenkin' Rim Tape

FU, Velox! 

$5 per wheel for Velox tape OR $5/roll for Gorilla tape that can tape up a dozen wheels and/or hostages.


Gorilla tape is just fine for MTB wheels;-)


Never tried it higher than 60 psi but I bet it could handle a roadie 125 psi on a 100 degree day just fine.  You try and lemme know if it holds!

5 for 5 on Bike Commuting this Week


Managed to pull off a 5 outta 5 on the bicycle commuting.  No rain made it an easier task, but it certainly was hot as balls this week. Feels good to get home and hop into the pool....ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Mon-Wed:  Rode the Green Giant Geared Pig

Thurs-Fri:  Threw a little fix into the mix with the Special Ed Soma

Wednesday Dawn Ride

Quick enough group.  Highlight was trying to climb the Valley View Alternate the wrong way.  Nobody cleaned it.

I rode the geared pig Sworks again.  Starting to favor my old 26" shorty in my old age.

Loving the waist high grass in the farm field.


A downed branch jumped out and grabbed my thigh on VVAlt (ewwww!**)


**Please do not masturbate to the above picture

A Google Song For You


This song is for you.  And, if you tube my space, I'll google your yahoo. 
I promise!

Lady:  Do you know your fly's open and your cox hanging out?
Piano Player:  Maybe.  Can you hum a few bars?

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Coker Wheelman


Check it out.
36" front wheel penny farthing available in fixed or free!

Breaking News

Not to be outdone by Representative Weiner of NY, these members of Congress have jumped on the bandwagon and tweeted dirty pictures of that are synonyms of their last names too:

  • Linda Sanchez, CA

  • Loretta Sanchez, CA

  • Elijah Cummings, MD

  • Gary Peters, MI

  • John Dingell, MI

  • Bill Johnson, OH

  • Marcia Fudge, OH

  • Joseph Pitts, PA

  • Norman Dicks, WA

Garmin Edge 205 Update on DIY Battery Life


After replacing the OEM battery with an LG Phone battery that has 25% more mAh and doing a second surgery when she rattled apart mid-ride my Garmin doesn't look pretty (electric tape holds the clamshell together) but she officially lasts longer.

I left work yesterday on a full charge at 5:15PM.  Accidently left her on overnight and still had enough juice to make it to work at 9:15AM.  That's 14 hours, yo!

I never got more than 11 hours out of a full charge with the OEM battery.

Will America Forgive Me for Posting This Weiner Photo?


Another Commute with Comfort Adjustments

Adjusted the stem height and laid back the seat angle a bit. Felt
good on this morning's commute;-)



Monday, June 6, 2011

Four Recent Rides

Fambly Run-Ride - Jen ran and we rode. Me on the geared pig with JoJo
in tow. Abby on the MtLion. Elisabeth and Ben on their new franken
road crossers. Rode to the Belmont trailhead and into the woods.
Over the bridge and right on the pirate trail towards Nacho. Keep
straight and came back to Belmont Woods road for return trip. Kids
did exceptionally well considering the roots, logs, and slick tires.

AFC Juniors - Met Matt and Sam Lear at Rockburn. Jen on her MTB. Me
on the geared pig with JoJo in tow. Abby on the MtLion. Elisabeth
and Ben on their mountain bikes. Circled around the new trail, rode
to the powerline and split up. Matt, Sam, Jen, Elisabeth, and Ben
headed into PVSP and hit Renegade/Nacho. Abby, Joe, and I went back
to the van and hit Cindy's Soft Serve for six snowcones.  I left the Garmin running on the back of the van;-)

Quickie with Norm - Norm and I departed form CdB around 5. Both of us
on geared pigs. Rockburn Branch ^v^, Ridge, VValternate, Connector,
MC, Rockburn Branch left, and out. Had to cut it short because Norm's
iPhone was going nutz with messages from his realtor.

Commute - Commuted to work today. Rode the Green Giant geared road pig.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Trying out crankless for Joe









YeNUDEa Moon


Ewww!  Why couldn't it have been Thistle instead?



Pink or regular.

Backwardz Buzzardz


Rolled up on W, KR, and JL at Landing at 6:22. Saw TM and JMc's
vehicles at the trail head. I guess everyone was having off list
rides today;-)

W, KR, and JL on SS. Log>Morning Choice>Cascade>Stoopid
Steep to bathrooms>SwingingBridge>Gristmill>Buzzards backwards(hike up
steps---ugh!)>Charcoal burns backwards too>Santee Branch backwards sux
three>CCBC (I got a flat and changed by the tennis courts--enter the
Padam/AFC Z3 team riderz)>I broke away from the big group and went
down Santee Nun's--big tree down right in trail just past powerline,
cleaned the triple log and the streambed;-)>Gristmill>Swimming
Prohibited>Waterbars (nearly cleaned it but slipped on roots at
top)>enter fast group at 4 way--they'd taken Vineyard/Ridge and made
the same time as me>Rockburn Branch fast center.

Trails are super fast and fun. Weather couldn't be better.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Ben's Franken Road Crosser

I've been waiting for the day to cobble together hand me down bike parts into complete mini road bikes since I had my first and second children. This one is for Benson.  He calls it his Old Skool bike.

Frame is a Mongoose IBOC (from BITD when Tomac rode for Mongoose).


Steel seatpost worked best b/c I could turn it backwards and clamp upside down to get the setup further forward and down.


Rear wheel is a fresh build of used old stock. First 2 cross wheel I've ever laced up. Matrix Mt Titan Rim and XT Hub are c1992.


Donated crank's right pedal threads needed repaired (notice the thread-saver insert protruding).  Props to Family Bike Shop.


Third eye watching the chain up front and a '96 XTR rear derailleur.


Front wheel is a '96 XTR hub radially  laced to a Velocity rim.


Old skool LX canti in the rear.  Setting these things up sucks alomost as bad as the post mount pad cantis.  Man, next generation V Brakes really were a wet dream come ture in the adjustability department


And 1997 XT V-Brake with Travel Agent cam and super-macho CrossTop levers up front.