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Thursday, June 30, 2011

This Week's Ridez

Monday Offroad Dawn with YDT

KR and XX started earlier, but joined YDT and I for some Nachos and looped back to Landing through the Farm Field.  YDT and I continued on for a typical counterclockwise loop.  Both on rigid SS.  My third ride on the new Paul/Blunt Fixie rear wheel.

Monday Commute

To and fro.

Wed Double Sided Dawn Patrol

Got to Landing at 5:45 so we could go long.  Fabs, CBC, XX, JS, Me.  Just me and Fabs were geared.  I brought out the Groundhog 69er for the first time in a while.  Pace was very quick.  Nacho>Rockburn Branch ^v^>Ridge>Fabs peeled off at top of Valley View.  CBC flatted on the way down VV and then there were 3.
XX and JS's our solid rhythm = hammer fest to me. 
Swimming Prohibited>Vineyard>CCBC>Exit me at Pigs while XX and JS continued on New Santee trail.
Pigs Run woulda been easier with an audience, unfortunately.  Dabbed the top section for the 3rd time in a row---getting old I guess.  I'm chalking it up to a variety of excuses, a) no sausage fest onlookers to boost testosterone level, b) tires a bit too high on pressure (wanted to be sure of no flats today cuz I already had my 3 recently), c) conditions dangerously dusty, d) seat 0.375" too high, e) started in too slow and not sitting all the way on the rear tire, f) I hadn't ridden the Groundhog 69er in about a year and wasn't dialed in on her yet.
Proceeded to bonk knee into stem and get bitten on arm by a sparrow sized horse fly near the Forest Glen tunnel..double ouch.  Then took the fastest way home and Ridged it to Rockburn Branch so Jen could get her road on.  Avg speed = 9.0 for me which is fast for a HoCo-only loop and fast++ for a Double Ended DP.


PS This bike is the Groundhog because my brother in law hit a groundhog on it doing about 25mph years back.  Only the frame remains from those days.  I wonder actually if it's a Groundhog or a Woodchuck?


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