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Thursday, June 30, 2011

True Blood Spoiler Season 4 Episode 2


You Smell Like Dinner

  • Jason:  Timbo, it's not that I don't appreciate all the lickin' cause I do, but I'm more of a bandaid kinda guy

  • Hoyt gets mobbed

  • Pam: Technology is taking all the fun out of being a vampire

  • Sam and Luna almost horsed around

  • Bill and Katerina dress really fast while Sookie gets past the King's guards

  • London Calling for Bill to have a pint of the bartender and is recruited by Nan in1982

  • Vampire, Louis Pasteur, invents True Blood

  • Crystal the V hostage briefly emerges while Andy confiscates a fix from Uncle Luther

  • Sam's new puppy love pays a visit to Merlotte's

  • Tommy:  Who's your friend?  Shure smells pretty

  • Arlene's demon baby causes eye hemorrhage

  • Tara's back in Bon Temps (and looks like scary fairy for half a second there)

  • Bill sicks Erik on the new necromancers in town

  • Bill's queen killing coronation backstory

  • Jessica goes to Shreveport for a little strange

  • Luna is a skinwalker...and Tommy wasn't invited to the shifter marshmallow roast

  • Erik crashes the coven

  • Sookie busts Jessica fangbanging

  • Sam and Tommy fly to a naked reunion

  • Marney the witch speaks some Latin and Erik's fangs go limp

  • Felton and Crystal pantherize Jason to get at his sperm

  • Eric has amnesia but can still recognize that smell


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