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Sunday, July 31, 2011







Siamese Peach



Biggest Beetle in the World



Cheese Ball



Tubing Down the Patapsco

Hit the Rite Aid for the last 5 rubber pool rafts they had.


Parked a car at Point B - Avalon Purple Playground and drove the crew and the rafts to the Point A - the Swinging Bridge.  I rode a boogie board and the rest of the family each had their own raft.   The river water was not cold at all and pretty clean.  The rafts didn't have much issue in the shallower rapids, but my boogie board bottomed out alot and required short portages to deeper waters.  Depth ranged from 6-36".  We had the river to ourselves til we got past Lost Lake.  Between Lost Lake and Avalon shelters the river was full of swimmers.  Saw a few blue herons and had a peaceful float down the river for 2 hours.  Kids enjoyed it.  I brought glueless bike tube patches along and used them both.  Unfortunately Elisabeth had the third flat of the day but luckily only had to walk to last 100 yards or so.



First there was Wall-E.


Then there was Burn-E.


Now there's Corn-E...


The newest addition to the family is Corn-E, a 2ft albino corn snake.




Friday, July 29, 2011



trunk tap is sweet!

A Tale of Three Flats

Got to the meet earlier than usual, 5:30, to meet up with Carl.  First ride on the Surly after switching the fixie wheel back to freewheel.  Rear tire felt a little to squishy on the road but I didn't think much of it.

Rode a little Log>Old Track>Morning Track loop back to Landing:  me Magic Shining with the new battery and Carl using the force behind me.

Met CBC at 6 and rolled for what was going to be a CCW HoCo loop.  At the end of Nacho my rear went flat.  I changed it.  Then on ridge I cased the rear hard trying to pick a different line than usual on the approach to the newish log down by the dip thru little creek.  Pinch flat #2 = UGH!  Changed it and CBC and Carl continued on to Cascade.

I figured I'd better head straight home so I rode back on Ridge and just before the CBC Roller Section I flatted for a third time.  Not sure what the deal was this time...suspect debris in tire or a slow leak turned fast?!?!?!

Walked it out to Belmont Woods road where Jen was waiting to save me in the MiniMinivan.  She had her running kit on and went into the woods as I drove home.


After flat # 3 I ran into Danny A. gearing up for Wilderness 101 tomorrow and chatted with a SS dude named Rocko that I've run past a few time lately in the dawny hours.  Each of them offered a tube, but I declined as the last thing I wanted to do was change the tire for a third time.  At this point I felt more like pulling a Karate Kid....


On a more positive note, the hike out gave me a chance to appreciate the morning nature from a different perspective;-)


Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Yehuda Needs a Prozac


True Blood Spoiler Season 4 Episode 5

Me and the Devil

  • Tommy bludgeons JoeLee and Momma

  • Tara, Lafayette, and Jesus leave Marney

  • Goderick visits Erik in dream and convinces him to drain Sookie

  • Jess falling outta love with Hoyt

  • Bill forced to glamour Portia into leaving him alone

  • Sookie spoons Erik after his nightmare

  • Bill denies Pam permission to retaliate for her f'ed up face

  • Boy Jesus kills goat in Grandpa Brujo backstory

  • Jesus and Lafayette are off to Mexico

  • Tara's secret identity is out to her New Orleans squeeze

  • Tommy brings his kills home to Sam

  • Hoyt and Jason share their girl troubles over pancakes

  • Terry and Arlene have Rev. Daniels and Tara's crazy mom over to excorcize their house

  • Sookie gets a reading from Marney and voice of Gran tells Sookie to run away

  • Tommy shifts to a gator to keep Andy from finding bodies in the van

  • Bill's coven spy, Katie, and goons take Marney hostage

  • Hypocrite Sookie lectures Tara on truth and love, til Erik crashes the party

  • Marney flashes back to Spanish Inquisition to watch vampire priests dine on witch prisoners

  • Bill glamours Marney and is satisfied that she remembers nothing about her run ins with Erik and Pam

  • Alcid gets a visit from the unhappy camper, Marcus, packmaster from Shreveport

  • Sam and Tommy dump their parents in the swamp

  • Sam:  Gators love marshmallows, you should know that

  • Spontaneous combustion at Terry and Arlene's

  • Jason has a Jessica/Hoyt three way nightmare

  • Sookie smooches the kinder gentler Erik

  • Vamps conspire over how to handle the necromancer situation

  • Pam lets the cat out of the bag and Bill knows that Erik is hiding out at Sookie's











Sunday, July 24, 2011




Yum Cotton Candy!



Magic Shine


Geo Man Gear finally did good on the warranty battery. Sweet hard cover and rubber molded feet for frame mount.

Hot Enough to Fry Egg on the Car?



Still Hot as Balls Out



Fixing a Flat



New Fish


Silver Tipped Sharks and hiding Loaches. Added some Devil's Ivy clippings too.

Hot as Balls Ride


Me and W met at 12:40 at Landing and did a super mellow casual loop.  Surprisingly, the average speed came in about the same as is always does.  Perhaps not opting for extra credit at every opportunity made it feel super mellow.

Renegade>Nacho>Rockburn Branch ^v^>Ridge>Valley View Alternate>Connector>Old Track>Morning Choice back to Landing


Thursday, July 21, 2011

TdF Action Shot



Hot Wed Dawn Fix


Met the birthday boy, Unholy Roleur, at 6 at Landing. I was already
dripping sweat just from riding over on the road. Both of us on rigid
singles. I reluctantly rode fixed after finding the night before that
the thread on freewheel I purchased wasn't going to get enough
purchase on the Paul hub threads to keep from stripping out;-(
Nice conversational pace. Nacho>Rockburn ^v^>Ridge>Valley View
Alternate>Connector>Old Track>Log
It felt great getting back on the SS big tire Surly, fixed or not.
She didn't even care that I'd been favoring strange--the 1994 SWorks--
lately. Conditions were sweet as it had rained for about an hour the
evening before to keep the dust down and make for a few puddles and
slick log/root/rocks hither and thither.

Game of Thrones

Didn't see this coming...


Monday, July 18, 2011

True Blood Spoiler Season 4 Episode 4

I'm Alive and on Fire

  • Erik's drunk on fairy blood

  • Pam gets a visit from King Bill: Yes, Sire

  • Ghost Daddy Jason works the gang bang line and relieves many brother/husbands of chores

  • Young panther Becky frees Jason

  • Nan's not worried about necromancers, Bill

  • Marney flashes to Spanish Inquisition

  • Sookie sends Alcid sniffing around for Erik the day walker

  • Maxine can't find Tommy and Sam can't help

  • Felton (to young Becky):  Tell Uncle/Daddy Felton all about it

  • Panther Felton on Jason's trail

  • Witches and bitches - Lafayette, Jesus, and Tara scare Marney with vampire stories

  • Erik skinny dipping in broad daylight when he sobers up and starts roasting

  • Tommy returns to his shifter mom

  • Sam interrupts Luna and plays Barbies with daughter, Emma

  • Sookie and Alcid return Erik to his basement boudoir and agree to continue being sexually frustrated friends

  • Hunter becomes hunted when Jason spears Felton to death

  • Crystal is Big Kitty Mama now and will wait patiently for Jason's next full moon

  • Portia introduces Bill to Grandmama Bellefleur and Bill uncovers a skeleton in the family tree/bible...Elizabeth Harris????

  • Andy's still usin'

  • Luna's ex is a werewolf - so Emma is a WereShifter?!?!?!

  • Witches and bitches get a sign from the other side

  • Ticking-time-bomb/ex-junkie, Debby, smells Sookie on Alcid

  • Bill dumps Portia cause she's his great-great-great-great grand daughter - would that be a problem if he lived in Hotshot?

  • Baby Rene has a REDRUM moment writing on the wall:  Baby not yours

  • Bill interupts Erik getting cheered up by Sookie

  • Bill actually believes that Erik's not at Sookie's

  • Jason's down with the sickness til Hoyt and Jessica drive by

  • Jason feeds on Jessica - how long til Hoyt needs glamoured again, Jess?

  • Tommy and Mommy reminisce as Joe Lee springs from the shadows and gets the choke collar back on Tommy

  • Witches and bitches form a circle to try and reverse the Erik spell but possessed Marney decides to turn Pam's face into rotten corpse meat instead



New Xray Tetras


7 Pristella maxillaris added last week.  All still healthy.


3 Emerald Cory Cats added at the same time, but 2 died and got flushed today;-(


Outlook 2010 re-index issue after Microsoft patches

Outlook or LookOut?!?!

Happened to me 2 weeks ago too.  I was lost without my full search and it took all day to re-index my mailbox.  This link splains the cause.


Rockburn Skills Park


Take a look at the plans for the skills park that MORE is putting in at Rockburn.
Click here to donate to the cause.

Slick Happy Hour Ride

Rained two hours before last Wednesday's Happy Hour Ride. I met the
crew at the top of the power line hill in Rockburn.


The trails were crazy slick, very puddly, and muddy here and there.
The logs and roots were icy. Saw three bucks in the power line field.
Started out front on Renegade and was hitting every extra credit no
matter how slippy things were. Through the dip on Renegade I followed
my "Never brake in the dip" rule and shot out the other side straight
into a tree. Lost a few postions on that. Then in the field between
Renegade and Nacho my shifting was sh1tty so I looked
thing I was outta the rut and ran straight into the only jagger bush
in the whole field. Yeouch!!!

The crew flew up Rockburn Branch leaving me (and Fabs) behind. When I
got to 4-way no one was waiting so I pressed on on Ridge. Stopped at
Ridge Bar to text the ride leader and Fabs came up from behind. We
pressed on Valley View Alternate>Connector (heard the crew pass by on
Ridge as we checked out the extra credit line on the Blair Witch House
roof)>Old Track>Log (went for the bump and jump on first log corduroy
and narrowly escaped eating a tree with a superb flank vault off of
bike to a running stride)>Landing>Belmont Woods

Check out the mud on bike and jersey. Good timez!


Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Junk in a Box


I'd be ticked if someone tried to give my wife Junk in a Box.

True Blood Spoiler Season 4 Episode 3

If You Love Me, Why Am I Dying?


  • Erik:  You smell like wheat and honey and sunlight (fangs)

  • Sookie strikes a no-biting deal with amnesia Erik

  • Tara and Lafayette try to level set the coven on vampires, but the witches are fired up

  • Uncle Hotshot gives the youngins some schoolin on Ghost Daddy and Ghost Momma, the Adam and Eve of Panthers

  • Jason:  Once I...turn????

  • for YouTubes of Vampire entrapment videos -- THE SITE REALLY EXISTS

  • King Bill sentences YouTube vamp to True Death

  • Bill (to Jessica):  Vamp up...if you love him you'll tell him the truth, period

  • Erik forgets that he owns Sookie's house

  • Pam:  Good evening, Fangtasia, northern Lousiana's most fang-tastic club, what do you want?

  • Erik's ticklish

  • Pam suspects Bill set Erik up with the witches and talks Sookie into hiding Erik

  • Jessica confesses - Hoyt gets pissed - Hoyt gets glamoured

  • Sookie visits Eriks cellar

  • Lafayette has a plan...boyfriend and Tara don't like it

  • Strung-out Andy terrorizes Sam

  • Alcid's howling in Shreveport now and his junkie fiance, Debbie, is clean and sober now

  • Ma Hoytenberry teaches Tommy reading ala Home Shopping Network

  • Tommy's gonna steal Maxine's natural gas rights

  • Jason is turning into Crystal's new Ghost Daddy

  • Sam and Tara shoot tequila

  • Bill and Portia strike a f#$% buddy contract

  • Baby Rene gets a new toy

  • Sam plays holier than thou when he hears Tommy's caper

  • Tara and Brujo spring Lafayette from Fangtasia

  • Marney's a deperate cutter...who's that watching

  • Jason:  You ain't worth a tenth of the trouble you caused me

  • Crystal rapes Jason while her cousin-niece-sisters watch

  • Fairy turns to dust after Eric drains her

  • Sookie:  You just killed my fairy godmother


Monday, July 11, 2011

Back in the PVSP, Hon!

Got home from NC Friday night.  There was talk of trails-too-wet but
BB's back 40 suggested otherwise.  Still favoring the 1994 SWorks.
The new rim has really breathed life back into the 15 year old XTR hub
and into the bike as a whole. 



I will have to get back to basics and
break out the rigid SS one day soon though.


Very little in the way of mud at all.  Even the usual spots aren't
bad.  A few puddles hither and thither but mostly sweet fast non-dusty
Met Carl and his buddy, Rich from Alexandria, at 1230 and rode
clockwise Log>Old Track>Lewis and Clark>Cascade>Ridge>Connector>
Morning Choice>Rockburn Branch left

Even Belmont swamp was dry. Temps were high but it felt cooler in the woods.



Text ringer woke me at 5:15. Twas XX bringing on the Monday mots. He
had just rolled back into town himself. We rolled the same loop I
rode on Saturday +Nachos at a mellow conversational pace. I cleaned
all the spots I on Cascade that I dabbed on Saturday and dabbed the
rocky left on Ridge that I cleaned on Saturday. A Giant bee (?!?!)
flew straight into my right eye on the downhill after Cascade turns to
Ridge. Eye a little puffy an still stings a bit. Later on Ridge a
flying whatthefux bug flew into the helmet and needed a quick stop
helmet removal to be released.