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Monday, July 11, 2011

Back in the PVSP, Hon!

Got home from NC Friday night.  There was talk of trails-too-wet but
BB's back 40 suggested otherwise.  Still favoring the 1994 SWorks.
The new rim has really breathed life back into the 15 year old XTR hub
and into the bike as a whole. 



I will have to get back to basics and
break out the rigid SS one day soon though.


Very little in the way of mud at all.  Even the usual spots aren't
bad.  A few puddles hither and thither but mostly sweet fast non-dusty
Met Carl and his buddy, Rich from Alexandria, at 1230 and rode
clockwise Log>Old Track>Lewis and Clark>Cascade>Ridge>Connector>
Morning Choice>Rockburn Branch left

Even Belmont swamp was dry. Temps were high but it felt cooler in the woods.



Text ringer woke me at 5:15. Twas XX bringing on the Monday mots. He
had just rolled back into town himself. We rolled the same loop I
rode on Saturday +Nachos at a mellow conversational pace. I cleaned
all the spots I on Cascade that I dabbed on Saturday and dabbed the
rocky left on Ridge that I cleaned on Saturday. A Giant bee (?!?!)
flew straight into my right eye on the downhill after Cascade turns to
Ridge. Eye a little puffy an still stings a bit. Later on Ridge a
flying whatthefux bug flew into the helmet and needed a quick stop
helmet removal to be released.


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