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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Hot Wed Dawn Fix


Met the birthday boy, Unholy Roleur, at 6 at Landing. I was already
dripping sweat just from riding over on the road. Both of us on rigid
singles. I reluctantly rode fixed after finding the night before that
the thread on freewheel I purchased wasn't going to get enough
purchase on the Paul hub threads to keep from stripping out;-(
Nice conversational pace. Nacho>Rockburn ^v^>Ridge>Valley View
Alternate>Connector>Old Track>Log
It felt great getting back on the SS big tire Surly, fixed or not.
She didn't even care that I'd been favoring strange--the 1994 SWorks--
lately. Conditions were sweet as it had rained for about an hour the
evening before to keep the dust down and make for a few puddles and
slick log/root/rocks hither and thither.

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