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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

True Blood Spoiler Season 4 Episode 3

If You Love Me, Why Am I Dying?


  • Erik:  You smell like wheat and honey and sunlight (fangs)

  • Sookie strikes a no-biting deal with amnesia Erik

  • Tara and Lafayette try to level set the coven on vampires, but the witches are fired up

  • Uncle Hotshot gives the youngins some schoolin on Ghost Daddy and Ghost Momma, the Adam and Eve of Panthers

  • Jason:  Once I...turn????

  • for YouTubes of Vampire entrapment videos -- THE SITE REALLY EXISTS

  • King Bill sentences YouTube vamp to True Death

  • Bill (to Jessica):  Vamp up...if you love him you'll tell him the truth, period

  • Erik forgets that he owns Sookie's house

  • Pam:  Good evening, Fangtasia, northern Lousiana's most fang-tastic club, what do you want?

  • Erik's ticklish

  • Pam suspects Bill set Erik up with the witches and talks Sookie into hiding Erik

  • Jessica confesses - Hoyt gets pissed - Hoyt gets glamoured

  • Sookie visits Eriks cellar

  • Lafayette has a plan...boyfriend and Tara don't like it

  • Strung-out Andy terrorizes Sam

  • Alcid's howling in Shreveport now and his junkie fiance, Debbie, is clean and sober now

  • Ma Hoytenberry teaches Tommy reading ala Home Shopping Network

  • Tommy's gonna steal Maxine's natural gas rights

  • Jason is turning into Crystal's new Ghost Daddy

  • Sam and Tara shoot tequila

  • Bill and Portia strike a f#$% buddy contract

  • Baby Rene gets a new toy

  • Sam plays holier than thou when he hears Tommy's caper

  • Tara and Brujo spring Lafayette from Fangtasia

  • Marney's a deperate cutter...who's that watching

  • Jason:  You ain't worth a tenth of the trouble you caused me

  • Crystal rapes Jason while her cousin-niece-sisters watch

  • Fairy turns to dust after Eric drains her

  • Sookie:  You just killed my fairy godmother


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