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Monday, July 18, 2011

True Blood Spoiler Season 4 Episode 4

I'm Alive and on Fire

  • Erik's drunk on fairy blood

  • Pam gets a visit from King Bill: Yes, Sire

  • Ghost Daddy Jason works the gang bang line and relieves many brother/husbands of chores

  • Young panther Becky frees Jason

  • Nan's not worried about necromancers, Bill

  • Marney flashes to Spanish Inquisition

  • Sookie sends Alcid sniffing around for Erik the day walker

  • Maxine can't find Tommy and Sam can't help

  • Felton (to young Becky):  Tell Uncle/Daddy Felton all about it

  • Panther Felton on Jason's trail

  • Witches and bitches - Lafayette, Jesus, and Tara scare Marney with vampire stories

  • Erik skinny dipping in broad daylight when he sobers up and starts roasting

  • Tommy returns to his shifter mom

  • Sam interrupts Luna and plays Barbies with daughter, Emma

  • Sookie and Alcid return Erik to his basement boudoir and agree to continue being sexually frustrated friends

  • Hunter becomes hunted when Jason spears Felton to death

  • Crystal is Big Kitty Mama now and will wait patiently for Jason's next full moon

  • Portia introduces Bill to Grandmama Bellefleur and Bill uncovers a skeleton in the family tree/bible...Elizabeth Harris????

  • Andy's still usin'

  • Luna's ex is a werewolf - so Emma is a WereShifter?!?!?!

  • Witches and bitches get a sign from the other side

  • Ticking-time-bomb/ex-junkie, Debby, smells Sookie on Alcid

  • Bill dumps Portia cause she's his great-great-great-great grand daughter - would that be a problem if he lived in Hotshot?

  • Baby Rene has a REDRUM moment writing on the wall:  Baby not yours

  • Bill interupts Erik getting cheered up by Sookie

  • Bill actually believes that Erik's not at Sookie's

  • Jason's down with the sickness til Hoyt and Jessica drive by

  • Jason feeds on Jessica - how long til Hoyt needs glamoured again, Jess?

  • Tommy and Mommy reminisce as Joe Lee springs from the shadows and gets the choke collar back on Tommy

  • Witches and bitches form a circle to try and reverse the Erik spell but possessed Marney decides to turn Pam's face into rotten corpse meat instead



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