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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

True Blood Spoiler Season 4 Episode 10

Burning Down the House

  • Spellbound vamps vs Sook, Nan, and the King at the Festival of Tolerance

  • Bill shoots Erik with a silver bullet, but he just pulls it out and keeps coming...."Must kill the king."

  • Sookie lights up Erik with a fairy blast and his memories flood back as his spells are broken (Betcha Pam would want a little Sookie love too)


  • Antonia feels guilty for hurting the innocent crowd before magically vanishing her witch crew from the scene

  • Pickup pillow talk between Jess and Jason...he wants glamoured so he can not feel guilty around Hoyt

  • Tommy's dying request in Alcid's truck is to go to Merlotte's

  • Tara and Witch Waitress have a plan and Marntonia's starting to go schizophrenic

  • Bill tells Nan that they're doing things his way now and killing the necromancer

  • Erik convinces Sook that he's not just his evil old self again, he loves her

  • She loves him but she loves Bill too and she never signed up for, "Sookie is mine"

  • Pam's not rotten anymore?!?!

  • Bill and Erik are gonna blow Marnie's store up and Sookie's pissed because Tara will be a casualty of war

  • Tommy shifts into dead-Tommy but not before he makes peace with Sam

  • Sam's wants revenge (Why didn't he just shift into a tiger the first time that Marcus f^$ked with him.  For that matter why didn't Luna just shift into a polar bear the first time Marcus f$%ked with her?)

  • Hoyt stops by Jason's for a cry over Jess (Won't be long til the cat's out of the bag--BTW, when's Jason ever gonna turn into a Panther and go back to Crystal, anyway???)

  • Terry and Arlene bust Andy with V

  • Sookie asks Jason to help save Tara then they get Laffy and Jesus on the bandwagon

  • Terry takes Andy to junkie tough love boot camp

  • Antonia's got a conscience and jumps out of Marnie for a debate on collateral damage...surprisingly, Marnie cares not about spilling blood of innocents...Marnie wins the debate and Marntonia is back in business

  • Jesus makes it through the emporium's protection force field and turns into brujo devil mask man from Laffy's nightmares


  • Debby's hopping in bed with Marcus the pack master

  • Sam and Alcid kick a little werewolf a$$ at Marcus' garage

  • Jesus figures out that Marnie doesn't want to be rescued from possession

  • Tara and Witch Waitress cast a spell and nearly thing you know they're sucked into the vortex with Laffayette and Sookie while Jason stands alone outside the emporium

  • Andy means to get sober now

  • Finally darkness comes and the vampires are gunning for the Moon Goddess Emporium



Friday, August 26, 2011

Chrome Book on a Dell D420



True Blood Spoiler Season 4 Episode 9


Let's Get Out of Here

  • Bill steals shot-up-Sookie from Alcid--you can lead a Sook to wrist V but you can't make her drink

  • Erik is Marntonia's spell slave now

  • Martonia has plans to crash the Festival of Tolerance and won't tolerate any of her witches deserting

  • Sookie  lives--did you really think she could die?--and Alcid proclaims, again, that he's done with her

  • If you woke up the woods naked with a skinwalker, would you tell anybody? Sam's taking Luna and Emma camping

  • Just fall off the wagon already, Debby

  • Nan pays a visit to the King

  • Mavayette kicks Hoyt out of his house at gunpoint..."This my bay-bee"

  • Bon Temps Five O kicks into gear after Hoyt calls Deputy Stackhouse

  • Sookie has the Bill/Erik three way dream with a couple of good "Sookie is mine!"s

  • Marcus comes to Merlottes looking for Sam and leaves a message with Tommy....I smell a skinwalk coming on

  • QOTD from Andy:  This situation became pre-un-defused the minute that she-male broke into my house

  • Mavayette holds her position while Terry is held back by Andy's V strength

  • Sam shifts into a cuddly little bunny...YAWN

  • Jesus arrives on the scene talk Mavayette down and unearth the baby to set Mavis' soul free from Laffy

  • Debby's back!  All V'ed up and helpin' Sookie?!?!

  • Alcid tells pack master he wants to earn his Wolf badge and climb the ranks

  • Debby tries to join Marntonia while Sookie tries to save Erik, but Erik's programmed to kill the king and Tara helps Sookie escape

  • Hoyt asks Jason to return the Monster Box, Jess' stuff from the house, to her...and Stackhouse delivers Jess the package, finally

  • While the real Sam pitches a tent for Luna, the Tommy Sam gets his a$$ kicked by werewolves and Alcid carries him off the scene.. When will Tommy just die already?

  • Erik and Marntonia swing a few more vampers to the spellbound side, crash Nan and Bill's Festival of Tolerance, kill Bill's guards, and start taking out some innocents in the audience...I didn't think that was Marntonia's style

  • Debby and Sookie are on the scene too

  • ..what next?