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Monday, August 1, 2011

True Blood Spoiler Season 4 Episode 6


I Wish I Was the Moon

  • Coitus interuptus when the King barges in

  • Sorry Sook, it's strictly vampire business

  • Rotten Pam tries to relive old times with Erik in Bill's jail but he's not evil no more (why would Bill put them in the same cell?!?!?!)

  • Bill requests a warrant to impose true death on Erik

  • Mikey the Devil Baby succeeds in burning down the house and getting outside all by his lonesome to smile at a ghost, but doesn't kill anybody

  • Terry's got an armadillo?

  • Andy helps the witch waitress with his V strength and gets a date

  • Sam's tied up for the day and needs Tommy to cover for him

  • No problem, Sam, cause Tommy's a skinwalker now

  • Lafayette has goat tongue for breakfast with Jesus and Abuelito

  • Tara's NOLA girlfriend storms into Bon Temps

  • Jason's voicemail greeting:  You've reached Officer Jason Stackhouse.  If this is an emergency, dial 911, and ask for me.  Peace.

  • Full moon's risin' and Jason's cuffed himself to the bed

  • Sookie:  If you turn into a panther, won't the handcuffs just fall off

  • Junkie Debbie wants to join the new packmaster and Alcid's pissed

  • Marney's picks scabs in Bill's jail and flashes back to Dark Age's rape and revenge before becoming fully possessed

  • Jesus catches a rattlesnake

  • Tara takes her NOLA squeeze to Merlotte's and gets jumped in parking lot by Pam

  • Luna gets a little skinwalker skin from Tommy/Sam

  • Jessica rushes to Jason's side and they manage not to f@#$ somehow

  • Sookie runs into Debbie and Alcid on the way to the pack meeting

  • Erik oozes humility and gentleness even in the face of the true death

  • Snake bit Jesus is saved by Tio Luca possessing Lafayette

  • Tommy's out cold when Sam gets back home

  • Marmey is Antonia now and she's making vampires sit, stay, and shake

  • Jason still hasn't shifted into a were-panther

  • Bill lets Erik free so Sookie can be happy

  • Sookie, the fang banger, is back in business

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