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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

True Blood Spoiler Season 4 Episode 8


  • Jason saves Jess from the sun and they share a smooch before he silvers her back down in Bill's cell

  • Alpha dog, Marcus, gives "Stay the F#$K outta vampire S#!t" directive at the weekly pack meeting

  • Sam stops by Luna's so he can play Barbies with Emma again

  • Sookie and Erik have an S&M feeding session complete with growling and silver chains

  • Jessica dumps Hoyt too hard to still be friends.  I was tired of his cry baby crap too.  A dead Hoyt will make Jason feel less guilty about boning Jess too.  NO FAIR!  IT WAS ONLY A DREAM!

  • Officer Jason offers Andy some tough love for his V-clanks at the scene of the sun dried vamper next door to Maxine's

  • Bill glamours a TV reporter on Maxine's lawn into filming his prepared statement (I hope it's as good as Russel Edgington's TV appearance)

  • More blond on blond action, this time in the shower--that turns into a moonlit bed in the woods in the snow?!?! WTF?

  • Bill's got a F2F date with Marntonia scheduled at the Bon Temps Cemetery for midnight shrp

  • Tommy lifts a few supplies for his next skinwalk from Maxine's house

  • Quote of the season from Debby at the pack meeting:  I think I made some friends tonight.  A couple of really nice bitches.  Feels like I belong.

  • Meanwhile, back in the snow bed, all is possible?!?!?!

  • Laffy sees baby Rene's ghost singing in Merlotte's kitchen again

  • Tommaxine sells Maxine out for $5700 from the gas prospector on a skinwalk

  • Hoyt grows a pair and lowers Jess' self esteem to a rock bottom low in about seven well played sentences whilst kicking her to the curb

  • Erik wants to run away with Sookie so they can be naked all the time, but Sook teaches him a thing or two about sticking around Bon Temps for a fight

  • Alcid promises Debby there'll be no more Sookie drama for him

  • Laffy dreams of Mavis, the ghost chick, losing her baby sometime last century

  • Mavayette joins the mashups!  Lafayette is now possessed by Mavis.

  • Warriors, Erik and Sookie, pledge allegiance to Bill

  • Marcus is Emma's father (How could anyone have seen this coming?)

  • Tommy's got post skinwalk syndrome again

  • Jason univites Jess too...where will she go now?

  • Mavayette kidnaps little Mikey from Grandma Bellafluer's while Andy, Arlene, and Terry sleep

  • Marntonia's posse and Bill's posse fight it out at the cemetary--Sookie and Tara on opposite sides

  • Alcid breaks his promise before the cock crows

  • Bill saves Tara from Pam.  NO FAIR!  WE ALL WANT HER DEAD!

  • Marntonia is winning:  Bill's silvered, Sookie's shot, and Erik is spellbound again

  • Alcid plays Red Cross and drags Sookie from the battle field while Debby witnesses the whole thing (How's Sookie gonna survive without some fresh V from the wrist?)

  • Where's Jesus?

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