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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Wednesday Dusty and Slick Dawn Ride

Super ride this morning with CBC and McNutty.  All of us singly rigid;-)

Log>Lewis & Clark>Cascade>Cascade Bypass>Cascade Root Ball to Cascade parking lot>Swinging Bridge>Vineyard>Bull Run>Soapstone gravel climb>Hiking only Vineyard Bypass>Swimming Prohibited>Waterbars>RBB>Belmont Woods>Renegade Nacho

Something was wrong with me because I was cleaning every effort on my rigid SS this morning....kinda unusual considering that I'm in pretty lousy shape this season.

  • Cascade Bypass

  • Bull Run reroute climb

  • Soapstone gravel

  • Waterbars

Highilight and lowlight of the ride occured on the Hiking Only Vineyard Bypass.

  • Low - I rear pinch flatted (again!?!?!?!) just before the steep downhill

  • High - CBC and I cleaned the stupid steep double drop before regular Vineyard reentry-back to back;-)

Ride started with using the force in the dark on the way to the meet.  Then it was dry dusty mellow pace til we hit Swimming Prohibited.  Then the rain started dumping on us.  Wet waterbars made the conditions way better for cleaning;-)  Climbing to Belmont woods from Rockburn Branch is always fun when there's runoff flowing down the trail;-)  Wet Nachos makes for more deliberate finesse but a slower pace than usual.

Geeking out a bit on this Strava site too...

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