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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Lotsa Ridez


First time on a TMR in a long while for me.
Left CdW with Tambos, Wests, Blandfords, and Fred.  Joined by Baler.  Diversions included:

  1. W flat on New Cut

  2. Hanging by the train museum awaiting Baler and a flatted out Guhl

  3. Trolley Path with 500 pedestrians

  4. PegLeg drive by

  5. CCBC

  6. Foxhill Farm to Picnic Loop

  7. Pair of soaring eagles at Lawyers Hill Meeting House

  8. Turducken discussions

Gobble, goggle!

Black Friday 

Rohrs, Blandfords, and Klenders.  


Just you and me, Pump Track Girl.

Black Saturday

Me and NC Dave


Me and XX

I think???

Fancy Feast, Dahling ?

First Fixie Ride of Season

Me, Nagy, XX, Carl and Fabs.  I got a giant rear flat on the new tire in the Belmont Swamp.  Put the hole side down and pumped her up.  Love ya, Stans;-)

XX fell in the drink on Santee Nuns.

DP with XX, JS, and Treevor

Cold out.  Vrrrr!


JS fell on his Head and Shoulders.  10 day vacation for him;-(

Me and Crazy Carl

Dec 14.  Sorry kids.  No GPS for this one.

Regular old CW loop.  Tacky conditions.

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