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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Fixed First Freshies

First freshies of the season for me and TTOB (not TTB-Todd the Biker Skopic but TTOB-Todd the Other Biker)

Conditions were not the let-some-air-outta-your-tires-and-float type.  An inch of wet snow with a freezing rain crust made for fine traction and slow crunchy slogging.  Extra credit was worth double points today;-)  Rain was misty and didn't freeze til it landed so helmet/jacket/bike/gloves/beard came home with a nice clear coat.

We left some freshies out there for the late crew as we skipped Cascade and Upper Ridge.

Log>Lewis and Clark>Norris Lane>Morning Choice>Old Track>Connector>Lower Ridge>Rockburn Branch>Glazed Nachoes>Renegade

Stupid Android Garmin app lost my ride cuz I tried to sync from the basement....grrr!

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