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Friday, January 20, 2012

Friday DP on the Edge of Freezing


Trails were in good shape considering temps teetered just around freezing all night.  They were just like waffle mix...


Mostly krusteaz and frozen with a rare battery spot hither and thither.

I can remember 8 of us.  BB, XX, MC (for a bit), Krazy Karl, JF, Tree-vor, and guest AFCers Jay and Lance (?? I think).  I think at least 6 of us were SS.  I was fixed.

Usual clockwise loop with lots of extra credit cleanings.  The train's pace wasn't super fast but it was super sweet when I saw/heard the engine, XX, and the first 4 cars clean tuffys like the Cascade's Roots/Rock/Reggae and Ridge's rockiest dips...not sure if cars 5 thru caboose pulled 'em too or not.

W and YDT were sorely missed as no DP can penetrate as deeply without them;-P

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