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Monday, February 20, 2012

Broken Pinky and Clean Pigs

Krazy Carl and I hit the trails early for the President's Day Tax Free Trails Sale today.  Took about half a second to decide we were BaltCo-bound.

Nacho>NEW Boardwalk>Rockburn up the right>Ridge>Valley View>Swimming Prohibitted>Soapstone Singletrack Cardiac--huff huff puff puff>CCBC (I broke my left pinky when I landed fingers-first on the root that threw me off the big log by the ball fields.  YEOUCH!  Me and Karl paused for station identification and I tried to show him the jump park but somebody has Bobcatted all of them flat.)>Pig's Run (I freakin' cleaned it, yo!  Me and the Reba and the broken pinky rolled right on thru.  Carl practiced a few moving front dismounts too where Pig's Run morphs into Forest Glen trail, d'oh!  And of course, the single human that we ran across this morning was a hiker heading up the no-biking Pig's trail--ding, ding, ding "Nice weather we're having...where's that snow they forecasted?...Yes I know this trail is closed to bikes...Um, have a nice hike.")>Ridge>Morning Choice>Rockburn Branch down the left

Isn't that swell?

Despite the busting of said finger I'm puimped about cleaning Pig's.  First time I've cleaned it in over a year.  Was beginning to think that my Pig's daze were over when I joined the Over40Club.

Off to ice my pinky.....

Look, a map that isn't the same old HoCo loop!!!  That's refreshing.

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