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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Bromantic Valentines Ride


Krazy Carl and I met on Nacho 'round 5:40 for a Valentiny ride.  Conditions were not so bad...a bit soft here and there, but mostly a skim coast of frozen crust.

Rockburn Branch (up-down-up...can you say Tokyo Drift on the curvy middle downhill?)>Ridge>Valley View Alternate (who is the joker that cut out that log on the new approach section?!?!?!)>Ridge Skinny attempt gave me more PeeWee-Herman-endo-roll-I-meant-to-do-that practice>Lower Cascade (holy heavy bike on the hike a bike) falls>Cascade(cleaned Rock Gardens and the Rootasaurus section to boot)>Lewis and Clark>Old Track>Log>Nacho Reprise

Slightly above freezing temps meant no frozen rear derailleurs.  Cupid didn't have to shoot me to keep the Reba Monkey lust flowing.  When I got her home I hosed her off gently.  This led to some cuddling and heavy petting.  I think I'll get her an IncrediBell for Valentine's;-)

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