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Friday, February 10, 2012

Freezy Friday

Usual clockwise loop with usual suspects:  BB, YDT, JF, MC, CBC, Krazy Carl, Snoop Minnizzle

XX and Seibold may be at Breckenride, but we rolled our train on BikeOnRidge!

I pumped up the Reba a little more on account of Wednesday's endo.  It performed a bit better.  Downhill it's like an "Aim and Flame", baby!!! 


He may have been taking it easy on me but i kept CBC at a reasonable distance from my front wheel the whole way down the CBC Rollers on Ridge;-)  Chalking that up to the Aim and Flame.

Trails were a little freezy there and a little thawy there.  Temps were just around 0 degrees C, so water bottle and rear derailleur iced up a bit.  Trails had puddles in some places and a nice tractiony freezer-burn in others.

Somehow I managed to go ass over elbows twice.  Once on Cascade trying to go big on the built-up-birch-skinny by the footbridges.  Second on Nacho when I jack-knifed off the turny-burmy log that's a bit too rotten to provide good line anymore.

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