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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Frosty Fun and Hot Koolaid


It was 21 degrees at CdB when me and Krazy Carl left from the driveway.  I filled up the water bottle with Hot Koolaid to keep it from freezing up like my beard and rear derailleur.


Nacho>Log (enter Padam and Lance by happen stance)>Morning Choice (hit the big log drop on the way to Connector and the Reba used ALL it's travel--felt so good!)>Connector>Valley View>Swimming Prohibitted>Vineyard>Nun's Triple Log (cleaned it squishy too, baby!)>Exit Padam and Lance at Swinging Bridge>Cascade (KC cleaned for first time!!! Woohoo!)>Morning Choice>Farm Field Belmont

Lotsa beady deer eyes shining back at us in the fields today.  Excellent frosty conditions for great traction.  Creek crossings quickly turned my 1X8 gearing into a clip-out-and-kick-the-derailleur 4 speed.  By the end of the ride my right pedal and gears were totally frozen.

Didn't get the new wheels on yet as I decided to let them cure overnight...I'll throw the new hoops and my new blingy Craigslist horsetraded Thompson stem and post on there today, yo!

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