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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Hydros vs BB7

-1000 for hydros in general
+1 for Avid mechanical
Bb7 is the only way to ride.

  • Any levers you want...road, mt, bmx, anything.

  • Available in road and mt  version.

  • Never need bled.

  • All the power you'll ever need... increase rotor size if you think you need more...or set them up properly cause that helps too.

  • Cheaper.

  • Easier to work on.

  • Faster to work on.

  • Can be worked on the trail.

  • You can squeeze the lever when the wheel is removed and not f&@k up your calipers.

  • Most frames have cable stops but no hydro guides so you buy a kludgy guide that makes your frames clean lines unclean when you run hydro .

  • Super ubiquitous pads ( most avid use same ones) so every shop always has in stock and after market pads available too.

  • So much more modulation its not even funny...v brake levers give this natively when you remove those stupid plastic inserts or unscrew the small thumb screw  .

  • And the number one reason.... when your rotor is outta true you can back the pads off with no tools and stop the incessant annoying mind numbing spine tingling drive you up a f'ing wall noisy dragging of pad and rotor.

I'm sure I could come up with more reasons.

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