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Monday, February 13, 2012

It's not about the--uh--ba-bling, ba-bling, ba-bling...

It's not about the--hey--Chris King, Chris King, Chris King
I just wanna make the wheels spin
Forget if it's a geared pig

-Billie B

The Reba Monkey is done with wrenching for a while.  Mounted the new wheels and they are sexy.  Even risked losing my cheapo street cred and threw a Thompson post and stem on her.  CST Tubelesses seem to be holding pressure nicely.

The most erogenous bike zones are...

  • NOS 1st generation Avid SD 2.0 brake levers set in a full 2 inches from the grips (Wide F'ing Open leverage dials too)--holy one finger braking

  • DMR Revolver rear hub bolt on Allen boltz

  • 185 front disc

  • Mismatching color for Thompson post and stem

  • NOS Old skool Shimano 535 SPD

  • Nipples

So one might think that if you throw a little bling-bling at a heavy old Surly frame you may not be too disgusted when you throw her on the scale, but ugh!?!?!?!  She comes in at a whopping 30.5 lb here on Earth at 100 feet above sea level.  Just another BBS (Bill Blandford Special) in the end;-)

As Moto Moto says, "Gurl, You're HUGE!"


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