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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Monkey Motion DP

Big train on the counter clockwise DP this dawn.  XX, Jay, Jerry, Baler, Jelly, Sklose, Tambo, and me (who am I forgetting).  My virgin ride on the KaReba Monkey.  She rolls quick, descends fast, and corners like a prostitute.  1X8 gearing and front suspension isn't my usual fare but it felt good.

Nacho>RockBurn Branch ^v^>Ridge>Valley View Alternative (paused for station identifcation after I burped the front from 25 to 5 psi on a pedal stike induced slip and slide)>Ridge (I went ass over teakettle and slid down the waterfall and into the drink when the Reba compressed and bronco'ed me over the bars in the rock creek crossing by the wooden bridge--ouchy elbow pic below)>Cascade>Morning Choice>Log


Fun for all!

Ran the Pepsi Challenge on the Android GPS this morning.  Started both apps Strava (free) and Garmin Fit ($0.99) at the same time and ran them head to head.  Both auto-upload to your account online.  Battery life didn't suffer as I returned with 80% life left--same as when I ran just the Garmin app alone.

Here's the results:  

  • Looks like Strava takes few GPS samples because Garmin gave me .32 miles more credit.

  • Garmin gives me 332 feet more climbing too...a little sumpfin for the effort

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