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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Saturday Windy Dusk Ride

Forgot to start the GPS so no map evidence.

Me and YDT drove from my place to the usual Landing spot at...


...just as Jen returned from her windy road ride.

We started it out with Nacho.  Paul P. was off in the distance and we started to chase.  Something possessed my left hand and pulled it from the grip right on one of logs between the stump-bridge and the open-legs-tree on Nacho.  I pulled a beautiful...

Media_httpwwwsimpsons_ekgxy the front, and then 30.5 pounds of Surly steel landed square on top of me.  

I managed to pull free of the carnage and Dave and I proceeded on.  New boardwalk (YDT performed a flank dismount into the pig-sty-mud, d'oh).  I attributed my crash to improper grip installation so we stopped for station identification and a tool assisted Ergon grip twist on my part.  RBB up left-down middle-up right>Ridge>VV Alt>Ridge>Swinging Bridge>Lower Falls route up Cascade (enter Paul P at the Rock Garden and exit at Grovemont)>Lewis and Clark>Log

Finished before we needed to fire up our handlebar lights (that we mounted just in case).

Good timez and good conditions;-)

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