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Monday, February 27, 2012

Sleepless in Patapsco

Pillow magnetic forces were strong this morning, but not as strong as the fear of letting down XX at the trail head.

30 degrees on the old Oregon Scientific when I hit start on the 'Droid's Garmin Fit and wheeled off to the rendezvous.  XX had pulled a 3+ hour 28+ miler tour de force yesterday so he voted mellow.  I had been  Shameless-ly powerstreaming til 2:40AM so I was down with a zombie style mellow ride too.


Saw a light shining toward us on Renegade so we headed that way.  At the lawn mower log we crossed paths with CBC's bro and kept a'rolling separate ways.  Nacho rolled into new Boardwalk and I was surprised that the newly cut trail has fared nicely enough with the frost heave.  Cleaned the stumpy bridge strong today;-)  

Rolled Rockburn Branch ^v^ and linked up with Jay who joined our mellow train.  I was maestro-ing and decided to head in the regular general direction.   But whenever opportunity arose, I mixed things up a bit with paths less traveled.  Headed straight up Morning Choice and thru both Belmont Fields (bros before does, bucks!).  Rolled right on Old Connector and hit 2 U-turn switchbacks to come in a little higher on Ridge.  Exit Jay down the doubletrack to the bathrooms/Swinging Bridge.

Up Cascade.  Grazed my booboo pinky off a tree between the wooden bridges, yeeeeouch!


Finshed Cascade with a curly Q around Morning Choice near Grovemont.  Lewis and Clark led past Old Track to the Morning Bamboo-less Choice.  Opted not for Log (XX groaned zombie-style) and stayed on Morning Choice.

Returned at the regular time to see Elisabeth off with a kiss-and-ride at the bus stop.  Ice had defrosted form the beard but was still all over cranks, frame, and rims when I hosed off the monkey at the finish line.

Great conditions for mellow zombies;-)

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