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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Spring Fever Solo Ride

Slow day at work and beautiful day not at work, so I took a half day
PM.  Spent a few hours wrenching with Joe in the shed and mounted
Jen's new sexy carbon brifters, while Jen and YDT hit the trails.

After that I got in a late afternoon solo ride.  Uber-mellow pace.
Just me and the Monkey and my new Ergon grips.  Ergon grips, I
theorized, are spoda be good for busted pinky rides.

Put in on Boardwalk--didn't clean the stumpy bridge, it's too hard to
clean without an audience.  Forgot to start the GPS til the end of
Nacho.  Morning Choice>Old Track>Connector>Vallley View Alt>Ridge (ran
into AFC Justin and his GF, Shannon)>Rockburn Branch.

The trails could only have been better if they were skinnier
singletrack.  Conditions are truly up there with best ever.

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