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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Stolen Thursday Ride

Was real close to breaking out the fixie 1X1 instead of the Monkey but instead I was up late wrenching as usual.  Monkey rear wheel had gotten real loosey goosey in the spokes department so I gave each nipple a 3/4 twist and retrued.  Gave front nipples a 1/4 twist for good measure.  New front brake pads and some extra rotor truing love also paid off.


Snuck a free ride in before the rain this dawn.  Me, XX, KC, and Jay rolled from Landing at the usual time as Lance exited to head to work via road.  Conditions were moist and delicious, Dahling (JF rolled over and OUTTED when he should doubled down and stayed IN!!!).

Nacho>NEW Boardwalk (Whoa!!! XX and I both cleaned the Perkinsesque stump bridge on the virgin venture and escaped falling into the boiling lake of lava below--"I'M LOOKIN' DOWN, SHREK!! I'M LOOKIN' DOWN!")>RBB up>Morning Choice>VV Alternate>Ridge>Cascade>L&C>Old Track>Log.  Mellow pace without many stops.

Lotsa deers hopping around out there.  Jay saw a gaze of racoons on his way down MC to meet us.  They were gone by the time we rolled back thru.

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