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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Back on the B9er


I donned the pink panties and met early with KC at 5:30 at the usual
spot. Monkey needs new pedal and BB so I broke the Surly 1X1
650B-29er out. Just swapped fixie out for the freewheel rear the
other night. Fixed gear season is over, beeotch. It was bone shaking
getting back to rigid SS basics. Wasn't super dialed in in the
tougher spots early on in the ride;-(

Log>Old Track CW>Lewis and Clark>Cascade>Ridge>Connector>left on
Morning Choice>left on Ridge at 4 way>Valley View Alt>Connector>right
on Morning Choice>Log>Rockburn Park Grand tour for KC who'd never
checked it out...complete with a few laps on the Pump Track>Nenegade
Racho on the way out

I was dialed in on Nacho. Decided after the stumpy bridge on Renegade
to kick it up and go for a Strava PR. Nearly got it.

Perfect conditions and perfect temps with light breeze. Excellent
shorts and long sleeve wooly weather, my favorite time of year.

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