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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Daylight Savings?


For some reason the Android alarm failed to crow at 5:15.  Daylight savings bug?  I woke at about 5:45 and decided to go back to sleep and rise for a ~7 ETD sans lights.  I'm not sure why they call it daylight savings...for a morning rider like me it's more like daylight stealing.  Steal it from the dawn end and give it to the dusk;-(

Weather was perfect...just cold enough for booties and balaclava and no overheating.  I'd forgotten how much fun solo rides with the mp3 player are.  


Flobots - Handlebars came on right as I got to the road by the swinging bridge and started riding no handed to adjust my headphones. The 1X1 fixie 650b9er was out of the stable for the first time in a while.  She forgave me right away for my recent affair with Reba Monkey and begged me to ride her faster and harder.

Rolled up through the farm field to Landing.  A group of dudes was readying up at the trail head but I didn't recognize any faces.

Log>Old Track>Morning Choice>Cascade>Cascade Alt>Root Ball>Ridge>Connector>Morning Choice>Left on Ridge at 4 way>Valley View Alt>Connector>Morning Choice>Right at 4 way>Rockburn Branch v^v>Belmont sloppy trail (love that one;-)>Boardwalk - cleaned;-)>Nacho Renegade>Farm Field>home

It was extra nice to be back on the SS again after having ridden only the 30.5 lb geared pig for the last 6 weeks.  A nice tight light rear end is so much faster to motor up the steeps.

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