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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

How Low Can You Go?

27 degrees F when wheels hit the road this morning.  Sun was already creeping to the horizon as XX, JF, MC, and I hit the trails at the usual spot.  

I haven't added air to my ghetto tubelesses on the Monkey for weeks.  Last I checked they were 17 psi front and 18.4 psi rear (yes i got a new digital pressure gauge recently).  So today they were probably 15 and 16.  So it was kinda like the Limbo Song.  How Low Can You Go?

Anyhow, we were spoda keep it mellow.  So I got out front for Renegade/Nacho--cleaned the Boardwalk again, yo!  Enter Jay at belmont Woods road who'd been playing chase.  It was a mix of me riding extra slow and the rest of the guys going half-zippy that ensued for the rest of the ride.

Three-peat RBB>Ridge>VV Alt>Lower Falls Cascade (best effort yet on cleaning the log before for the falls for me)>Cascade (all parties cleaned the rock garden)>L&C>Log

On the way thru Farm Field an into Belmont Woods I squeezed too much front brake while turning sharply and.....


....went the front tire.  D'oh!  How Low Can You Go?  Couldn't get it inflated without a compressor;-(

Hiked out and Jen rescued me on Elibank Road.  Got home and fired up the compressor and blasted that tire back onto the rim;-)

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