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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Spring Peepers Ride

Drifted off to sleep last night in Joe's bunk with the sounds of...


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} my ears.

Woke at the usual time and saw....


...on the old Oregon Scientific.  Donned bike shorts, slurped coffee, and for the first time in months I had enough time to get to the rendezvous via the trails instead of road.  I chose to run the old MS1000 on the bar today cause I knew she'd be turned off by 6:20.  It's awesome rolling up the Farm Field hill with the sky oranging over at the treetops to the east.  It'll suck for DP's when we spring forward to save the daylight this Sunday;-(

Rolled 20psi F and 22psi R today.  I think this will be the norm after Tuesday's....

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XX and I met at 6 bells on the dot.  He was back in the SS saddle again and I was on the Monkey.  I'll get back to SS soon enough...gotta throw the freewheel back on her and let the pinky heal a bit more first though.  JF slept in;-(

We Logged it over to Old track and kinda loosely followed the Sugar Hill route.  


Pace was mellow as I am just plain slow and XX wasn't feeling his freshest of legs.  I skipped lot of extra credit ops, but cleaned every tough bit everywhere I tried;-)  I think I'm around 8 for 11 on the Boardwalk stumpy bridge now.

Shifting was good for a change.  No ice-ups meant I could get all the gears.  

I gotta plan for new shifting improvements that =









Media_httpwwwretrobik_hkqss stay tuned, wrench fans!

Uh, back to the ride.  It was real nice out there.


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