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Thursday, March 8, 2012

UCI Junior Road Rollouts and Gear Combinations

1M6. Junior Gears. The maximum chaingear ratio for Junior 
riders is based on age and discipline. Blocked gears will be 
allowed, except in National Championships. All tests for 51
compliance shall be done using the "roll-out method.” There 
is no restriction for cyclo-cross or MTB races. For road and 
track the limits are:
17-18: 7.93 meters (26‟)(52x14)
15-16: “
13-14: “
10-12: “

So if you look at my gear ratios and rollout tables below, i've highlighted the closest you can get to 26ft in common chainring sizes.
I attached the spreadsheet too so you can edit however you like....


Download this file

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