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Monday, April 30, 2012

Bring_Back_Pluto85lDetail.png (768×576)

Monday Sans Lights

Rolled with blinkies only.  No need for MagicShining with sunrise at 6:09;-)

XX, MC, and Baler were lightless too.  Rolled it counter clockwise with XX maestro-ing a mellowish pace.  Me and XX were geared up and Baler and MC were SS.

Renacho>4-peat on Rockburn Branches ^v^v^>Vv Alt (exit MC)>Ridge>Cascade falls way>Morning Choice splitup and regroup on Norris>L&C>Old Trackwards>Log

Fine day for a ride.  Conditions were stellar!

Azelias are in full bloom.


No more ergo grips.  Yeti lock-ons are back in black.

Buzzards were fighting a crow in neighbors maple.[[posterous-content:pid___1]]

retroshift | Mud Proof Shifting. Designed by Goats!


This is too cool!


On Woot Now: Discovery Wonderwall Projector - $29.99 -

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Rockburn Skills Park Construction

Got the garden started


9 tomatoes
-2 early girl
-2 yellow cherry
-2 super fantastic
-2 bonnie select
-1 grape

6 pepper
-green bell
-yellow bell
-orange bell
-hot banana
-sweet banana


Friday, April 27, 2012

Pump Track Gurl

Abby and I made her a Z Chain Necklace yesterday.


"You and me eatin' fudge banana swirl.  Just you and me, pump track gurl."

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Winking Weather Window Dawn Ride

Somehow me and XX stuck in a stolen DP this morning and dodged all the rain.  I think that this Weather Channel doppler data from 6AM explains it.

Chris is still getting his legs back from SDS so I went on cobweb duty again today.  Rolled it counter clockwise with so variations not usually taken.

Renegade/Nacho - I tried to put a gap between us but XX stayed right on my wheel.  Rockburn Branch - on the down portion of the up-down-up I rolled it all the way down to the creek so we could roll up the off camber root steep.  From Ridge I pulled the Valley View Alt (gotta get this while the gettin's good cuz trail work is imminent for this section) like usually, but then switched things up with a Double Connector (New and Old Connectors) dogleg that led us back to Ridge.  Form there we rolled Cascade (the Falls way), Lewis & Clark, Old Track, and Log.

Twas a zippy 1st half and a mellow 2nd half.

Made it home just before the skies opened up.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

MelloWednesday Mix

Baler texted me on my way to Landizzle meetup that he was in.  At 6:05 me, XX, and Baler rolled clockwise.  They let me run cob web dutyy the whole ride, so it was mellow casual conversational.

XX gave us the  play-by-play recap on 

Stokesville Douthat Stokesville

Bales had pending Harry Homeowner happenings on his mind.  I chimed in with my usual meaningless bullsh1t.



  1. Four Logs (new guest artist - Kneehigh Doubletrunker thrown into the jam)
  2. Boogie With Bamboo
  3. Old Track to Heaven 
  4. Misty Morning Choice
  5. Hats off to (Lewis) Clark
  6. Cascadelambra
  7. Over the Ridge and Far Away
  8. The Battle of Middle Earth (with guest artist - Miss Shift Stumble)
  9. Rock and Roll Branch
  10. Nacho's Montreux
  11. Tangerenegade


low rider


Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Crazy Good Deal on 105 CX Cranx From BikeMan

Farewell, GeoManGear;-(

GeoManGear deserves HUGE props for being the first to sell a kickass bicycle light below the $100 price point.  They also get kudos for having had a decent web site that made every part of every MagicShine available individually for a reasonable price.  

It's sad to see them go outta business, but....Geoman decided to go out of business the day that they decided to take the high road and recall their entire MagicShine battery fleet.

"Our voluntary recall of the Magicshine battery packs has taken a huge emotional and financial toll on us. We undertook the recall because we cared about you, our customers. We expected that other Magicshine dealers would follow our lead but they didn't and this put us in a very uncompetitive position."

Ford or Toyota won't issue a recall until it is proven beyond a shadow of doubt that a vehicle is deadly dangerous.  If I remember the MagicShine fire story right, it was 1 confirmed(?) and 2 purported(?) incidents that prompted their Geoman recall.  I could be in the dark (pun intended), but I've heard of no other MagicShine battery fires besides the dirty laundry that Geoman unselfishly hung out.  I think they overreacted.

"We want to thank all of our loyal, devoted, and fanatical customers from the bottom of our hearts. You have all been great supporters of GeoManGear over the years and we are going to miss you."

Maybe some customers were loyal and fanatical.  I know I've advocated over the years how much I like my MagicShine lights.  But would I classify myself as loyal and devoted?  Hell, no.  Like most GeoManGear customers, I suspect, I was out to grab the cheapest damn quality light I could find.  Moreover, GeoMan was never IMHO all that stupendous to begin with....
  • 1st light I bought from them took 3 weeks to arrive.  Booo!  (But in all fairness, 2nd light came in 3 days, yay!)
  • Original battery never caught fire, but died in 9 months.  Booo!  (5 of those 9 months it was stored in a cool dry basement not even being used)
  • Warranty replacement battery from Geoman doesn't hold a charge as well  the alledgedly flammable battery that I got from dapedler on Ebay  Booo!   (I discovered dapedler when Geoman was on a battery moratorium.  They are still shining the magic on Ebay, brutha!  And my dapedler battery still holds a long charge after 18 months.)
At the end of the day, kats and kittens, I'll shed no tears for GeoManGear. There's lotsa other places out there to keep getting my MagicShine on.

BBC News - Lethal booby traps set up along popular Utah hiking trail


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Monday, April 23, 2012

Ibis Maximus


Neat, but why? Who can ride this thing?

The Future Of Hubs (Kappius Components) | 2012 Sea Otter Classic | CyclingDirt | CyclingDirt

Holy moving parts! 1.5 degrees of engagement.

Posterous Search Has Been Broken for Weeks;-(

This sucks.  Every time I want to find something I posted using search I have to go to my crossposted 

Here's the error I get whenever I search.  I've reported to 3 times, but no relpy or action has been taken.  They must be busy Tweeting since the acquisition;-(


Elisabeth Mows Lawn


She mowed the whole backyard on Saturday. Still looks great. Having children had finding hit pay dirt !

Garden Needs to Harden


Had to super soak the ground with a sprinkler on Saturday just to cut the hard pack with the tiller. After a full day and two nights of rain it looks like it's ready for mud wrestling:)

Sunday, April 22, 2012

My Hometown of Elkridge: Woman's remains found buried underneath backyard shed


A Guns and Roses song comes to mind.

Elisabeth's new bike


my crown race press


my head set press


Lizard Skins Ballfrogs Discontinued - Enter the Stemie

This thing called the Stemie, seems like the only stem pad available anymore. It's like a siliconie deal and seems like it would leave plenty room for a stem mounted Garmin.

My favorite was the original Lizard Skins Ballfrog.


Then they changed the design, but the new Lizard Skins Ballfrog still did the job.



Twisty Laceover

Cobbled up a new front wheel for Elisabeths new 26er.  Props to W for the taco donation. 


 I had a NOS Bontrager 28H Mustang on hand and the ERD was close enough for Buff.  This was the most difficult lace-over build I ever did.  Why you ask?

  1. Straight pull spokes are never fun when building wheels cause you gotta grab the spoke with something to keep it from spinning whil you twist the nipples.  
  2. Bladed spokes are no fun because they aren't easy to get lined up for slicing thru the wind (but they do give good purchase for the pliers needed to hold them still--see #1)
  3. Alloy nipples are never good for re-using.  Usually about 1/4 of them strip or malform because the force needed to loosen deforms them before it breaks the aluminum oxed corrosion free.
  4. A handful of bladed spokes got twisted.  The same force that strips nipples in #3 actually twisted the spokes!


At the end of the build, though, everything is tight and true and ready to rock and roll.  7 silver/brass nipples and 21 recycled red alloy nips.  Three twisted spokes. Gorilla rim tape.

Friday, April 20, 2012

My 420 Gift to You


Considering that I'm averaging $0.23/year, I've decided to turn off the page-slow-downs!


It's 4/20. Do you know where your bike is?

Everybody else must have still been too high from their 04:20 4/20 wake and bake to make it out today.  What are you, HIGH?

What does 420 mean, anyway?  I think it's my credit ratingscore.


Me and KC met at 5:40 (I just can't seem to get the snooze alarm timing down to make a 5:30 rendezvous on time).  The trails were pretty much in the best condition they'll ever be.  The pace was slow and conversational.  No mad skillz, crashes, or fireworks to speak of.

Little foggy on the Renegade field.  Saw a big old owl flying parallel to my line on the other side of Cascade creek near the rock-drop-off/rootball.  Took XX's new Cascade Slickrock line.  I did most of the cobweb duty, but when he was out front I got some Baker's cropdusting payback from KC.

Was glad to have made it to KC's last DP for a couple weeks.  He's gonna come back a few grams lighter though;-)

Arrived home at 7 and half bells on the button.  Just in time for Jen to fly out on her rad new SS for a Morning Wives 420 Jaunt.


Thursday, April 19, 2012

I'm Setting my Alarm Now for Tomorrow's PreDawn 04:20 4/20 Session


Phoning Home on Lap 10




Six Pack Rack - Vallie Components - bicycle part and accessory design


Condtions were perfect for KC and I to roll a clock wise loop.  Moist and grippy and 99.4% puddle free even in the usual spots.  I cleaned half the boardwalk bridge and exited stage right into DRY dirt.  


  • Log trail was FOG Trail today
  • 6:15 Civil Sunrise
  • Grippy trails with slippy roots
  • Even conversational pace
  • Rigid Single Steed seeks Moist Dirty companion for fast riding, trail head, and long walk on the beach:  Drinker Drugger OK;-)


2012 Leesburg Bakers Dozen - Twilights

2012 Leesburg Bakers Dozen - Silo

2012 Leesburg Bakers Dozen - Get Back