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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Baked Legs Return to the EC, Hon!


Puzzlingly, most of the cool kids wanted to ride on the road. Booo!

I left my pink panties in the bottom of the hamper and met up 6 at
Landing with Krazy Carl and a couple of rigid single speeds.
Conditions were stupid dry and

We took it easy on our Baker's-baked-bones and rolled all around
Rockburn and finished up with a Connectorized counter clockwise
variation loop. Legs an a$$ felt way better than expected,
considering the condition they came home in on Sunday.

Highlights included:
--Baker's dozen recap. Somehow KC and I ended up with exactly the
same number of laps and time to the second. Weird!
--Saw a black squirrel again on Morning Choice near landing. I love
when I see that guy.
--Come to think of it, squirrels were busting out all over. KC had
one run across the trail between his front and rear tires while riding
along. That's a lucky squirrel.
--Heard an owl but didn't see her;-(

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