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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Door to Door Bent Creek Ride


NC Dave and I rode from his house up the mountain to Bent Creek.
Mostly fire road to unmaintaned hike a bike single tracks in spots.
Four miles later we in Bent Creek . Went down Greenslick, a 2 mile
man-and-machine-made infamous swoopy fast downhill. Climbed and then
rolled down Ingles Field trail, a fun fast typical NC

Compromised my ghetto rear tubeless seal at the rim by bottoming it
out hard on Ingles. Stopped and tried to get the Stans to that
spot...shake, rattle, and roll...but it wouldn't seal up tight.

All we had left was 5 miles of fireroad and the 2
hike-a-bike-on-the-way-in sections to get home. So I decided not to
put the emergency tube in and just stopped to inflate my slow leaker a
few times on the way home. We were almost late for dinner;-(

After dinner we wrenched and I got a fresh ghetto seal and Stans going
for today's big ride.

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