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Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Monday Bike Holiday & Married White Male Seeks Virgin Single Monkey

Today was my last day off of an 11 day hiatus from work, so what better way to spend the day than cycling.

  • Dawn Patrol
    • JF no showed;-(  Pink panties for him

    • Arrived at the usual time to meet KC, XX, Snoop, and the brothers Calderone.  Twas awesome to have CBC's bro join us.  We cross his solo paths on many a morning out in the dark in the park but seldom share his company.
    • Maestro KC laid out the ground work and blew thru every stop light out there.  He was really putting the hammer down!!  Luckily the rest of us had a clear idea of where the group was headed, becuase he and XX were off the front and outta sight--there weren't too many stop-and-regroups happening at the trail intersections today.
    • Counter clockwise today--Nacho>RBB triple looper>MC>VV Alt>Ridge>Cascade (not the falls-way)>L&C>Old Track>Log --
    • Lights only needed shone for about 25 minutes til it was dawn enough to make our way without.  It was nice to turn off the helmet light and no longer notice the pollen flying across the spot's beam pattern into your eyes.  
    • KC pulled a squirrelly-sketchy-slippy-slidey-save and a skidded a tight 180-UTurn into the rough on Leweis and Clark right in front of XX and I.  Impressive! 
    • I rode the Karate Monkey for the first time in single speed config.  32X20 was a good combo for PVSP.  I liked that it was tight and quiet, but I missed the springiness that gears gave me and the speed on the downhills.  I really liked that the conversion is fast and easy--the top-routed full housing and hinged Paul Thumbie made it possible to remove the shifter, cable, and rear derailleur all as a complete unit
    • Everybody's excited for Baker's Dozen this Saturday;-)
  • Family Picnic at Pump Track
    • Ben's second pump track ride on new Redline mini and he's just about able to manual a double
    • Jen on the 1980's old skool Redline 500b
    • Elisabeth prefering Ben's mini to her MTB on the pump track - I'm gonna keep my eye open for a 24" Dirt Jump/BMX that Elisabeth and Jen can share at the pump track
    • Abby learned how to pump today instead of just pedal
    • Joe rode complete laps on his 16" BMX
    • Me on Monkey with seat all the way down and Reba locked out made for the best speed I've eeked outta the track to date
      • This planted a seed in my brain for what to do with my old SWorks 26" hard tail that I've been holding onto - gonna slam the seat, stiffen the Marzocchi air fork, and convert gearing to SS for the pump track;-)
  • Upgraded Joe from 16" BMX to 20" 5sp MTB
    • He rode it on Rockburn trails and cleaned the gravel road from ball fields back up to the parking lot at the pump track
  • Upgrade tested Abby from 20" 6sp MTB to 24" 6sp MTB
    • She rode it around the neighbors and yard and loved the feel.  Once I can throw a 26er Elisabeth's way, Abby will be ready for Elis' hand-me-down
  • After dark wrenching
    • Round 1 - Helped a buddy figure out best ways to upgrade his SS to a 1X9
    • Round 2 (?!?!?!) - TBD




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