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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Easter Saturday SS Ride with JellyBean

First ride since I've gotten back in the EC.


Met Jelly at 6 at the usual spot.  Both of us rigidly single.  Gotta ready up for Baker's, Bee-otch!

Nacho>RBB>Ridge>VV>Swimming Prohib>Vineyard>CCBC>Charcoal>Santee>Drugs>Cascade (the falls way)>L&C>Log>Nacho reprise (exit BB--Jelly may still be out there for all I know)

Trails were dangerously dry on the BB Continuum


This was truly a ZMC ride.  Highlights included new Drugs chute, Owl on Up and Out Log trail climb, and dual clean rolling the boardwalk skinny wheel to wheel.  JF is dialed in for Baker's most def.

There's an owl in these pics so look closely....

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