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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Farewell, GeoManGear;-(

GeoManGear deserves HUGE props for being the first to sell a kickass bicycle light below the $100 price point.  They also get kudos for having had a decent web site that made every part of every MagicShine available individually for a reasonable price.  

It's sad to see them go outta business, but....Geoman decided to go out of business the day that they decided to take the high road and recall their entire MagicShine battery fleet.

"Our voluntary recall of the Magicshine battery packs has taken a huge emotional and financial toll on us. We undertook the recall because we cared about you, our customers. We expected that other Magicshine dealers would follow our lead but they didn't and this put us in a very uncompetitive position."

Ford or Toyota won't issue a recall until it is proven beyond a shadow of doubt that a vehicle is deadly dangerous.  If I remember the MagicShine fire story right, it was 1 confirmed(?) and 2 purported(?) incidents that prompted their Geoman recall.  I could be in the dark (pun intended), but I've heard of no other MagicShine battery fires besides the dirty laundry that Geoman unselfishly hung out.  I think they overreacted.

"We want to thank all of our loyal, devoted, and fanatical customers from the bottom of our hearts. You have all been great supporters of GeoManGear over the years and we are going to miss you."

Maybe some customers were loyal and fanatical.  I know I've advocated over the years how much I like my MagicShine lights.  But would I classify myself as loyal and devoted?  Hell, no.  Like most GeoManGear customers, I suspect, I was out to grab the cheapest damn quality light I could find.  Moreover, GeoMan was never IMHO all that stupendous to begin with....
  • 1st light I bought from them took 3 weeks to arrive.  Booo!  (But in all fairness, 2nd light came in 3 days, yay!)
  • Original battery never caught fire, but died in 9 months.  Booo!  (5 of those 9 months it was stored in a cool dry basement not even being used)
  • Warranty replacement battery from Geoman doesn't hold a charge as well  the alledgedly flammable battery that I got from dapedler on Ebay  Booo!   (I discovered dapedler when Geoman was on a battery moratorium.  They are still shining the magic on Ebay, brutha!  And my dapedler battery still holds a long charge after 18 months.)
At the end of the day, kats and kittens, I'll shed no tears for GeoManGear. There's lotsa other places out there to keep getting my MagicShine on.

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