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Friday, April 20, 2012

It's 4/20. Do you know where your bike is?

Everybody else must have still been too high from their 04:20 4/20 wake and bake to make it out today.  What are you, HIGH?

What does 420 mean, anyway?  I think it's my credit ratingscore.


Me and KC met at 5:40 (I just can't seem to get the snooze alarm timing down to make a 5:30 rendezvous on time).  The trails were pretty much in the best condition they'll ever be.  The pace was slow and conversational.  No mad skillz, crashes, or fireworks to speak of.

Little foggy on the Renegade field.  Saw a big old owl flying parallel to my line on the other side of Cascade creek near the rock-drop-off/rootball.  Took XX's new Cascade Slickrock line.  I did most of the cobweb duty, but when he was out front I got some Baker's cropdusting payback from KC.

Was glad to have made it to KC's last DP for a couple weeks.  He's gonna come back a few grams lighter though;-)

Arrived home at 7 and half bells on the button.  Just in time for Jen to fly out on her rad new SS for a Morning Wives 420 Jaunt.


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