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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Leesburg Bakers Dozen 2012

Rolled 11 laps this year which was my goal...a century I thought?!?!?  I prefer to believe that the pormoter's map with 9.1 miles/loop is correct.  My Garmin seems to disagree and pegs each lap at about 8.5 miles.  Oh well.


Highlights from this year.

  • Arrived early Friday and hung with the Family Bike Shop family;-)
  • Fast Friday night preride complete with a beer-muscles-wreck for me.  Fell hard in the second trough of the pump-track-woop-de-doos by the Potomac.
  • Sleeping in the car.  Seats folded flat and I got 2 great nights' sleep;-)
  • Rolled the Reba Monkey the whole race 32X18 for laps 1-6.
  • On lap 2 or 3 this dude annouced that he wanted to pass in the pines.  Instead of waiting tilo it was safe he tried to thread the needle and pass me between 2 close trees and we locked handlebars at about 18 mph.  I got a nice scrape on my shoulder and my left Ergon Grip broke at the clamp.  He broke his collarbone and hoofed it to the road nearby to hitchhike in.  I was able to find the broken grip parts and cobble it back together.  I pushed my Incredibell all the way against the inner side of the grip to help hold things fast.  
  • Cramps started setting in on lap 6 in both legs' quads and calves.
  • Rode a few laps with XX
  • Between laps 6 and 7 I switched my gear to 32X19 and I switched my riding style to efficiency.  Instead of hammering I started coasting the downhills and picking the cleanest lines and only braking when absolutely necessary.
  • I had nutrition dialed in this year.  The saltier G2 gatorade, a few different kinds of Gu gels, and Rocket Fuel (boiled red potatoes with olive oil, salt, rosemary, garlic and onion).  After lap 7 I finished the rest of my morning coffee and got a nice boost.
  • After lap 8 an ice cream cart came around and I sampled the best ice cream I ever had...vanilla, pumpkin, and chocolate.  SOOOOOOO GOOD!
  • Rode laps 7-11 with KC and finished together.  I felt sorry for him laps 9-11 becuase I was out front and flatulently crop dusting non-stop;-)
  • CBC joined us for lap 10.
  • Rode with lights for 1.5 laps this year.
  • Hanging out after the race and icking back pizza, burgers, and beers.
  • New RFID chips and no awards ceremony;-(  Apparently the computer system started acting wonky around 5PM.  Results will be emailed and podium people can stand in front of their bathroom mirrors and pat themselves on the back this year.

2012_LBD_Timing_Chip_Instructions.pdf Download this file
Great timez!


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