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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Twisty Laceover

Cobbled up a new front wheel for Elisabeths new 26er.  Props to W for the taco donation. 


 I had a NOS Bontrager 28H Mustang on hand and the ERD was close enough for Buff.  This was the most difficult lace-over build I ever did.  Why you ask?

  1. Straight pull spokes are never fun when building wheels cause you gotta grab the spoke with something to keep it from spinning whil you twist the nipples.  
  2. Bladed spokes are no fun because they aren't easy to get lined up for slicing thru the wind (but they do give good purchase for the pliers needed to hold them still--see #1)
  3. Alloy nipples are never good for re-using.  Usually about 1/4 of them strip or malform because the force needed to loosen deforms them before it breaks the aluminum oxed corrosion free.
  4. A handful of bladed spokes got twisted.  The same force that strips nipples in #3 actually twisted the spokes!


At the end of the build, though, everything is tight and true and ready to rock and roll.  7 silver/brass nipples and 21 recycled red alloy nips.  Three twisted spokes. Gorilla rim tape.

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